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12-23-2003, 05:04 PM
Artist: sevendust
Album: seasons
Label: Tvt
Release Date: 10/07/2003

Lajon Witherspoon - vocals
Clint Lowery - guitars
John Connolly - guitars
Vinnie Hornsby - bass
Morgan Rose - Drums

track listing:
1. Disease
2. Enemy
3. Seasons
4. Broken Down
5. Separate
6. Honesty
7. Skeleton Song
8. Disgrace
9. Burned Out
10. Suffocate
11. Gone
12. Face To Face

This is the follow up to 'Animosity'. This cd is more melodic than some of the older sevendust stuff but its is as good and may even be better. These songs have a perfect mix of melody and heavy drop tuned guitars.

1. Disease - this is a good song - one of the heavier ones on the cd - very in your face just like sevendusts style - good way to open up - overall pretty good - 3/5

2. Enemy - the first single - catchy rhythms in the intro and verse - heavy verse and a cool open chorus - 4/5

3. Seasons - this is one of my favorites on the cd - the intro is just amazing - the guitar parts are very cool and the vocal parts make this song as good as it is - Lajon has an amazing voice and not just on this song - its evident on almost all sevendust songs- 5/5

4. Broken Down - cool high pitched intro part- this is my favorite on the cd - good melodic heavy song - not characteristic of old sevendust but a very cool song the snare drum(at least thats what i think it is) in the verse is different but pretty good- 5/5

5.Separate - not my favorite but still good - i think this song lacks something - the chorus is good but the verse is kind or boring- 2/5

6. Honesty - this starts out with some soft guitar parts and continues into the prechorus where they unload a very heavy and catchy rhythm leading into chorus - 4/5

7.Skeleton song - this is an acoustic song - very cool song - i could listen to this one over many times - its a soft song with a sevendust feel and a little edge to it - i love how you can hear the bass under the acoustic it adds a lot to the sound - there is also some ambient pitches(i dont know how they make it) in the chorus that add to it- 5/5

8.Disgrace - this is a heavy and in your face song with some nice drum parts in the verse and again...the guitar parts are great - 3/5

9.Burned Out - Lajons powerful and dynamic voice is showcased in this song - powerful and melodic this song as a little of everything - 3/5

10.Suffocate - this is similar to some of the older sevendust stuff - it keeps moving with a rolling drum part in the chorus and the verse with palm muted rhythms and in your face lyrics - 4/5

11.Gone - starts with a short acoustic part then into the heavy guitars - theres a high pitched note here(maybe an octave) that makes it sound very cool - the chorus is melodic and one of the better ones on the cd - this ones got everything including a nice solo/ interlude part - 4/5

12.Face to Face -very heavy - this one is good for those headbangers out there(like me) - the chorus is pretty cool too - this song has attitude - 3/5

Overall this is a very good cd. It has some of the good heavy sounds that we like to see from sevendust and some good melodies that pull you in and keep you listening - 4/5

12-23-2003, 05:16 PM
I've been a fan of the band for a while, but I hated the album. To be perfectly honest, it's way below par of other nu-metal acts around...it's not even worth listening to. Horribly predictable, the band essentially repeats the same figures over and over again. The single is pathetic; I wasn't surprised at all that it didn't receive any radio play. It's not even catchy! The entire album is uninspired, extremely stagnant, and doesn't even sound good...it's almost as if the band picked all of their worst sections from previous albums and threw them together.

06-24-2004, 08:40 PM
EH its ok