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12-22-2003, 01:00 PM

Snapcase- Progression Through Unlearning
Victory Records, 1997

Daryl Taberski- Vox
Jon Salemi- Guitar
Frank Vicario- Guitar
Tim Redmond- Drums
Bob Whiteside- Bass

Track List
2.Guilty By Ignorance
3.Harrison Bergeron
5.Zombie Prescription
6.Killing Yourself To Live
7.She Suffocates
8.Weak Tyrant
10.Breaking And Reaching

Released in 1997, Progression Through Unlearning is one of Snapcase’s most clearly focused offerings. Cut after cut is an onslaught of hardcore fury, with piercing lyrics and a bounce that defies the group’s majority of Caucasian members.
The guitars snap and bark with a furious tone, and though the bass can sometimes get buried underneath the guitar’s fury, when it can be heard it shows obvious mastery of the technique of simplicity. But the simple power of Snapcase can be defined in one, all-encompassing word: groove. Some bands have it, and some don’t. Snapcase take full advantage of their rhythm power and put it to use in empowering even the simplest of decrees.
Standout tracks include “Harrison Bergeron”, based on a short, science fiction story you may have read in high school, “Guilty By Ignorance”, and the demolishing last song “Breaking And Reaching”. All throughout this album, the main theme is self-discovery and self-improvement. While this message may have gotten a little cliché through overuse, in these times of political manipulation it is still a solidly viable recognition.
Unfortunately, some of the songs on this LP fail to set themselves apart from the others, resulting in a sort of repetitive vibe that the album can’t shake off even after multiple listens. Its still a solid slab of hardcore energy, but since the band could have tried to diversify a little bit more, (and maybe could have avoided ripping off Black Sabbath’s song title?) Progression Through Unlearning receives a 3/5.

12-22-2003, 01:06 PM
A little short, but you get straight to the point and it's setup very nicely. I'm just getting into Snapcase and trying to decide which album to purchase, so perhaps I'll go with this one.

12-22-2003, 01:26 PM
Ahhh Snapcase.

Haven't listened to anything by them in a while. Pretty good band.