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11-28-2003, 07:05 AM
The then 3-man band from Australia originally played rock bordering on metal. So many fans were shocked, and either disappointed or pleased with the 1997 release of ‘Unit’. Many fans labelled the band as ‘sellouts’ but hardcore fans stuck with the new sound, the electronica and alternative sound, and ultimately enjoyed it. Unit was the band’s 3rd CD, and still remains their most successful release, even after two more releases. They won five ARIA’s (Music awards in Australia) and the album went triple platinum – not bad for an Australian non-mainstream band with an R18+ rating. This with their unique sense of humour and catchy lyrics/riffs make for a great band.

Song Listing:
1 I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff
2 Everyday Formula
3 ! (The Song Formally Known As)
4 Black Bugs
5 The World of Sleaze
6 I Piss Alone
7 Unit
8 I Will Lick Your Arsehole
9 Modern Life
10 Polyester Girl
11 1234
12 Mr T.
13 Just Another Beautiful Story

Regurgitator are:
Quan Yeomans – Guitars, vocals
Ben Ely – Bass, vocals
Martin Lee – Drums

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff (2:37)
This is a good start to the CD. The track has obvious allusions to their old styles of music, the heavier rocky style, with the title lyrics ‘I like your old stuff better than your new stuff’. It shows the band’s change with electronica dominating the song.

Everyday Formula (2:12)
This is a very rockin’ tune. Unlike the first song, it shows their roots as a heavier band, albeit less heavy. This was the first single of five to be released. This is one of the better songs, but I don’t really rate it that much.

! (The Song Formally Known As) (3:28)
EASILY the best song on the album by far. Mocking Prince in this song (you know, the Artist formally known as) it’s got a killer bass line and drums, and cool lyrics, and an even better chorus. This is another song released by the band, and it is quite danceable.

Black Bugs (3:03)
Possibly the first song to be written about video games! ‘I got killed by black bugs on my video game… I keep dying and dying over and over again’. Another song that was released by the ‘gurge’ again it is quite catchy, whilst only using simple lyrics and chords.

The World of Sleaze (3:26)
This is a pretty cool song, wrecked by the chorus. I don’t have much problem with swearing in songs, but this is Insane Clown Posse-esque – it gave the album the R18+ rating. Avoid this song if you’re young and you don’t know what the c-word means yet. :thumb: But, ignoring the lyrics, again it’s quite catchy using simple techniques.

I Piss Alone (2:06)
This is a fun song. With a weird title, and string intro, you know you’re in for something odd. And odd it is. Here are they lyrics, if you can’t (and you won’t) understand them:

I piss alone, alone
I don’t want nobody to know, that I
Haven’t got the pressure of some of the other boys
They make a noise, it scares me so…

I piss alone, alone
I don't want nobody to know
that I don't have the pressure of some of the other boys

leave me alone, alone
I just wanna be on my own
'cos I haven't got the pressure of some of the other boys

I want a world where pissing troughs are obsolete
there's only rows and rows of cubicles

I’m so afraid
when I try it is often delayed
I stand and stare into the air
and then I might just put it away

so quiet in here
the only sound around is the fear
the other guy is pounding the wall
like he's shooting dear

I need a place where I can close and lock the door
there I can stop and let it flow

Ahhh… I love it! Toilet humour to the extreme! In all honestly, it’s a fun song, but ****house at the same time. Oh well.

Unit (1:41)
This is kind of a filler track. Nothing much to report on, but it has the coolest lyrics at the end – ‘I am… the unit’

I Will Lick Your Arsehole (3:20)
Even weirder title than ‘I Piss Alone’. While it may seem annoying, I guarantee than you will be singing ‘I will lick your arsehole’ by the end of the song. This is a cool song and I would say it’s one of the better songs off the album.

Modern Life (2:24)
Another hit from the boys. This is one of their more serious songs, even with the lyric ‘sex cells’ which sounds remarkably like ‘sex sounds’. Again, they use simple chords to make a catchy tune. Meaningful lyrics in this song, it is about people being brainwashed by advertising, and being made to buy fashion ‘bow down to fashion today/if it’s gonna make you feel okay’

Polyester Girl (3:34)
Another fun song, and this is probably Regurgitator’s biggest hit. A great clip, it is a story about a man falling in love with a sex doll (I think!). And very catchy lyrics ‘My polyester girl/so shiny!’. Another electronica song, I like it, but others may not. A highlight of the album in my opinion.

1234 (0:51)
Worst song ever. This is pretty stupid, and even with my stupid sense of humour, I don’t really find this funny. Oh well.

Mr T. (3:13)
This is Regurgitator’s drug song. While it’s pretty cool, it’s no calibre of such drug songs as Friends by Led Zep or Bike by Pink Floyd.

Just Another Beautiful Story (4:13)
This is one of the best ending songs I’ve heard. I love it, and it’s probably the second best song on the album. The intro is nothing short of beautiful. The chorus is beautiful. The trumpet solo is beautiful. The whole thing is beautiful. A great track, which I recommend.

Well, there you have it… a great album by a great band. It is one of those albums that if you listen to it too many times you will get sick of it, but you will keep pulling it out of the shelf for another listen.
Rating: 4/5. Good album but no where near the standards of a 5/5 album.

11-28-2003, 08:11 AM
Good reveiw.


Not really my genre but a good album.

11-28-2003, 06:59 PM
yeah i love that album and the gurg.

10-07-2004, 11:23 AM
This was one of the first albums I ever bought. I gave it a spin the other day, it still holds up really well. "Just Another Beautiful Story" is probably my favourite track.

It's a really good album, definitely Regurgitator's best.