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11-26-2003, 10:51 AM
Down is one of metal's greatest sideprojects. Originally started during the downtime after the Pantera album Far Beyond Driven, they quickly grew in both popularity and importance due to their first album, Nola, which was released in 1995.

The original lineup of Down includes Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo, CoC guitarist Pepper Keenan and Crowbar's bassist and drummers Todd Strange and Jimmy Bower. For their next release in 2001, Pantera bassist Rex Brown stepped in for Strange.

In 2002, Down released Down II, their second album. Like the first, instead of being over the top extremely hard metal, Down shows their softer side with music that contains more classical rock elements, but still maintains that metal feeling.

Down II

Released: 2002


Lysergik Funeral Procession:
The first track of the album is a solid, if not awe inspiring track. Not espescially fast, or slow for that matter, it keeps up a solid tempo backed up by some interesting vocals. A decent track, but nothing to write home about.


There's Something on My Side:
Something has one of the coolest intros of any song, ever. The riffs are killer, the bass is amazing, and everything about this track is solid. Extremely heavy, and one of the best tracks on the album.


The Man that Follows Hell:
Although by no means a bad track, this is my least favorite on the album. Nothing stands out paticularly, the singing is boring, the riff is overused and not very exciting, and the lyrics are merely ok. If there is one track to skip over on the CD, it is this one.

Stained Glass Cross:
Better then "The Man" but still nowhere near the best track on the CD. It's a good enough track, but it just fails to excite me in any way. I wouldn't skip over the track as I do "The Man", but it isn't something I must listen to when I put the CD in my player.

Ghosts Along the Mississippi:
Not as catchy as "Something" Ghosts is still a very very good song. From start to finish the song is an entertaining ride, that changes tempo, beat, and riff more then once. The only thing that stays consistent throughout the whole song is probably Anselmo's voice, which seems to tie the whole track together.

Learn From this Mistake:
Down really shows their soft side in this track, and truth be told, it sounds pretty good. Very bluesy, "Learn" is 7 minutes of southern rock bliss rolled up into a tight package topped off with Anselmo's killer vocal range. Suprisingly, Learn is a lot better then some of the much faster tracks on the CD.

Beautifully Depressed:
Another one of the best songs on the CD, BD is psychedelic and fast with awsome guitar riffs and some intense vocals. BD really seems pays homage to some of Down's influences, including Black Sabbath.

Where I'm Going:
Like "Learn" this track is one of the softer ones on the CD. While it is still solid, it isn't quite as good or as long as Learn, which means it must recieve a lower score. Not a bad track by any means, but fails to really impress.

Doob Interlude:
This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. It is exactly what it sounds like, two minutes of psychedelic sounds for you to take a break a smoke something. Nothing like anything else on the CD, yet immensly interesting. I love listening to this song, espescially when impaired.

New Orleans is a Dying Whore:
Sounds kind of like Pantera with a more bluesy twist, "Dying Whore" is one of the faster and harder tracks on the CD. It is also really funny, due to the fact that New Orleans is associated with a nasty dying whore, in detail. Not something you want to play for your mother, but a fun song.

The Seed:
Ah, another song about Marijuana. Not that there is anything wrong with that ;). This song is actually all about planting and growing the herb, and is pretty entertaining to listen to. The music is also pretty good, heh.

Lies, I don't Know What They Say But:
I hate this song. I won't listen to it, period.

Flambeaux's Jamming with Staug:
This is a filler track thats only a minute long, and pretty annoying.

Dog Tired:
A good, if unimpressive song. Solid but nothing to say too much about.

Landing on the Mountains of Meggido:
This is my favorite song on the CD. It is a ten minute epic comprised of awsome riffs, a great vocal range, and intense rythm. It is almost as if they mixed Led Zepplin with Pantera and created a dark epic of monumental proportions. Sometimes I can't even listen to the whole CD before I just skip to this track, it is just that good.


Down II is a very good CD, but it has its flaws. A couple tracks are sub par and really shouldn't be on the CD. If you are expecting Pantera or something as hard or harsh, look elsewhere, Down II is more traditional Southern Rock combined with some interesting Metal.

If you liked Down's first release Nola, you will probably like Down II. If you are a person with an open mind, ready to hear something bluesy yet at the same time reminiscint of southern metal, give Down II a try. It won't dissapoint too much.

Score: 4/5

03-18-2004, 11:47 AM
Ive got this album and i was impressed with it songs like stained glass cross, beautifully depressed and ghosts along the mississippi are instant classics. I havent heard the first down album yet but i really do want to

good review

05-01-2004, 07:30 AM
badman review

Down II was recorded in a barn

milano mosh
05-01-2004, 07:56 AM
NOLA is better, but I love this album.