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11-21-2003, 07:12 PM

All around, this cd kicks ***(if you like radiohead)

On track one, drummer phil selway starts out banging on something that i cant tell if its a iron pot or the side of a kettle drum. It later continues with an almost monotone vocal in the chorus with the line GET OFF MY CASE. Toward the end there a really messed up music break, with some pingy thing. Overall, welll rounded track.

On track two, Pyramid Song, it starts with a soft piano part with strings in the background, soon followed by a long drawn out almost howl sorta noise made by Thom Yorke(vocals). The time signature is very confusing, and there is a lovely climax of strings and piano at the end.

3: Pulk/pull revolving doors
This song is...well...different. Mostly a complex drum loop, really heavy bass, and a morphed vocal rambing on the subject of doors. Occasionally a completely out of place bar thrown in. Will definitly work your subwoofer pretty well.

4: You and whose army:
Starts off with a fast inhale. Beginning verses are constructed of an almost trebleless guitar, and bass. After a while though, things start getting a little more complicated. A driving piano part leads the way toward the end, with Thom singing some nearly unintellibigle vocal. Enjoyable track.

5: I might be wrong
Starts off with what i think is a keyboard, soon joined by a very driving guitar riff, and phil pounding away on a set of electronic drums. Bass echos guitar here, playing simple and with the beat, like colin greenwood(bass) does alot of times. Musical escalation followed by a pretty ending solo, ending with a bass drum kick. Very satisfying as well.

6 Knives Out
A full band performance all the way through. Thom, Jonny Greenwood(lead guitar), and Ed O'brian(guitar) are all on guitars on this one. Thoughout most of the song, the bass is darting around what all the others are playing. Most of the song is a relentless wave of sound, pouring out of your speakers. Beautiful arpeggios, and a decent vocal too. The claves in the chorus add a nice effect too.

7 Morning Bell/Amnesiac
This song is disturbing. Very dark and heavy. When i first heard it, I thought it sounded vaguely like something you would hear in the background of a movie when the character is in a graveyead. Depressing lyrics on the subject of divorce add a little more to the depressingness. Towards the end, it lightens up just a little with a pleasing bassline. Its an interesting peice, esp. with the phrase cut the kids in half thrown in.

8: Dollars and cents
My personal favorite. A sorta jazzy bassline, moderately repetitive guitar, and complex bassline make this song what it is. With only a Bm and B chord, they manage to make this song really complicated with a keyborad part, and a builing up vocal. Thom uses his voice more as an instrument on this song. Fades out at the end, with echoing snare drums rim knocks.

9: hunting Bears
Very odd track in deed. Two minutes of an impossibly distorted guitar, sounding likes its running though a tape loop. Swooping noises and humming piano in the background.

10:Like spinning plates
I like this song less for what it sounds like, but for for how creative it is. It startes out with fast, flicky noises, which morphs into a song being played backwards. The creativity lies in the fact that the vocal is recorded frontwards, and other instument sounds are thrown in to the mix at points.

11:life in a glass house

This song is a wonderfjul close to a great cd. It starts out with a beautifulk airy soundscape, followed by a slow pino shuffle thing, with nothing else but a hi hat. As the chorus comes however, it erupts into a four peice jazz band peice, with a trumpet, trombone, clarenet, and another drumer guy playing with phil. Very political lyrics, nice ending.

Over all, this cd gets a 9.5/10, the .5 points being because it should have had over 13 tracks.

07-11-2004, 11:08 PM
its not as good as hail to the thief

07-12-2004, 02:11 AM
This has been done before...