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  1. MXDP Member Gear Reviews
  2. my beginner lessons - no kit needed (videos inside)
  3. Reviews Guidelines
  4. 13" Meinl Byzance Darks Hats
  5. Lesson: Creating linear grooves/fills from 8th note feel grooves
  6. Transcriptions
  7. Practicing Near The Breakdown Point
  8. Lesson: Developing Bass/Snare/Tom Triplets
  9. Lesson: Double paradiddles or para-para-diddles in grooves
  10. Lesson: Extended Flam Taps
  11. lesson: stop dog barking
  12. Lesson: Rudimental Funk Grooves
  13. stick control in sevens
  14. Review: Black Panther 14"x5.5" Steel Snare
  15. Damo's cymbal cleaning guide
  16. Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature Snare
  17. one of my best lessons ever
  18. Go buy some Wuhan Splash cymbals.
  19. Metronome on Offbeats.
  20. HOW TO: Cut your finger off
  21. VIDEO LESSON: Tony Williams Lick
  22. Learning Patterns/Movements (Motor Skills)
  23. Advanced Fills & Embellishments
  24. New Heads and New Cymbals
  25. Remember, the male is programmed to reply to The Ladys. I
  26. A Guide To Different Types Of Acoustic Drum Sets