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  1. recording with REASON and CUBASE ( rewire)
  2. Quick Recording Question
  3. Passive vs. Active Monitors
  4. For those of you that program drums
  5. one more question ( regarding cubase and reason)
  6. Help with picking out monitors
  7. Mics, Recording, etc.
  8. Microphone Mods
  9. PEAK 6 LE or Recycle 2.1?
  10. books on audio engineering
  11. Keyboard or Synthesizer
  12. Preparation for an EP (drums or bongos?)
  13. Tell me what i'm looking for (gear)
  14. Get the frequency of every note in a midi?
  15. I'm new to recording and need some advice
  16. Found Some Good Recording Tips(Not Me)
  17. behringer xenyx 1204fx mixer help
  18. good recording headphones under $50
  19. Set up for recording (monitors)
  20. how do you get something recorded on a 4 track tape deck onto a computer?
  21. help with electronic drums, midi, tracktion, etc
  22. best way to record drum kit
  23. Feedback Problem with Mackie Mixer
  24. Some Good Sites for Guitar Lessons
  25. Nady CM-88 Condenser Mics - Should I use them?
  26. Just got free monitors...
  27. Midi Help?
  28. panning problems.
  29. Best PA speakers for 800$ or less.
  30. Recording Queries..
  31. New Bassist needed in Kitchener/ Waterloo Ontario
  32. yamaha dtxplorer midi into tracktion 2
  33. EZDrummer or Superior Drummer 2.0
  34. midi edrum input
  35. Guitar Rig/Cubase/Wut
  36. Xpand! help
  37. Garage Days
  38. I Need A Good Metal Kick Sound
  39. Playing guitar/bass through consumer PC speakers
  40. can someone make a reason sample for me?
  41. Simple multitracking solution... why didn't anyone else think of this?
  42. ableton live 7 echo (or something)
  43. so my guitarist had an idea...
  44. So we've found ourself in a album predicament...
  45. Original Songwriting
  46. getting rid of that hiss...while recording
  47. Latency issue with inspire 1394...
  48. Recording Problem
  49. clip: minotaur of conscience PROG/METAL/GROOVE
  50. i need a keyboard recommendation
  51. Looping/Quantize
  52. samplitude
  53. P.A. support for bass cabs
  54. The Styrofoam Bandit!
  55. Let's Play a Game
  56. critique my acoustic sound
  57. Miles Davis - Aura
  58. Dual Inputs
  59. Recording pricing
  60. Drum mics
  61. Learning Patterns/Movements (Motor Skills)
  62. If you could...
  63. Problems with audio echoes in pro tools
  64. Digital audio to RCA?
  65. Screaming and Vocal Equipment Q's
  66. Doing a physics experiment on harmonics
  67. Why does Sonar stop when MIDI stops?
  68. Zoom H2 & Drumming
  69. I need feedback on the quality of this recording.
  70. Annoyed with Volume
  71. Stuffiness in mix
  72. I just want feedback on my vocals I guess:
  73. Recording- What Mics Are Best For Each Instrument
  74. my other crappy band
  75. [AUDIO] General Feedback on Quality
  76. Audio Software
  77. Song I made with my computer.
  78. How does these Vox sound?
  79. Another "teach me how to growl" thread
  80. AKG K77 or Sennehiser HD202
  81. Aux Outputs?
  82. more of the other crappy band
  83. Interesting article about mixing un/balanced signals, question about ground loops
  84. Recording and production wisdom thread.
  85. Another one of those "Criticize my drum mix" threads...
  86. The perils of working too long on a dead-end project
  87. Some General Info on where to study recording and other things
  88. How can I make a sound like this?
  89. Critique...
  90. My band - Afternoon Rebellion, any good?
  91. "3 amp guitar" recording
  92. Who here knows anything about UPC codes?
  93. 2 picks from my last jam session
  94. [Heavy Stoner]New Band - Shaman
  95. Vocal Recording in a Studio
  96. Urgent gaining question!!!
  97. [AUDIO] My band has recordings, finally. Free musics :D
  98. Free metal mp3 (need feedback!!)
  99. How to spice up my piano playing... any tips???
  100. New song clip
  101. mixer + multi-input interface = ?
  102. Ear training program
  103. "Unable to create new audio file on macintosh HD"!?
  104. [promotion] acoustic rock
  105. So I want to craft a MIDI set-up
  106. new studio?
  107. Home recording
  108. Programs.
  109. My new EP is oot. [Ambient/IDM]
  110. mbox 2 pro firewire help
  111. Accidentals in minor keys?
  112. some questions regarding manipulating a song's bass (using Sony Sound Forge 9.0)
  113. My Latest Works
  114. Studio Monitors
  115. New song
  116. Guitar EQ'ing
  117. Thrice - Deadbolt Acoustic Cover [please crit :P]
  118. Recording a whole band together live
  119. 49-Minute Track "Toevah", [ambient/drone]
  120. Looking for turntables, need input
  121. Random problems with midi and questions about vocal volume
  122. My exclusive EP is oot (industrial-influenced pop)
  123. How would you guys final mix this?
  124. my music
  125. SeArChInG for song "HOTEL" from forum past...
  126. Life Rise - No Excuse
  127. Thorns Of Creation
  128. recording setup troubles
  129. New/Old EP: Catfight On A Hotdog "Stoned Whales EP"
  130. MyLady M80
  131. I wrote some songs and need some feedback!
  132. Need Opinion On Final Mix.
  133. New Album, Catfight On A Hotdog's "Lost In The Wilderness". Free download.
  134. Would anyone be interested in helping me mix some vocals? (not uploaded yet)
  135. The Zen of Screaming - will it help me?
  136. It's Been Delayed, But Finally...
  137. Vista Recording software (audacity help as well!)
  138. Noise From Mixer
  139. Exquisite Ghost, it is midnight
  140. Looking for critique on my latest tune
  141. it's the sister chromatids!
  142. New EP (doom/shoegaze/metal)
  143. Show Off Your Studio Gear
  144. My electronica/dance/hip-hop/r&b/soul/rock/comedy/alternitive/trance group
  145. rate my techno?
  146. EQ kick automation question
  147. The Heretics
  148. Garageband
  149. How important is recording quality for up-coming Bands?
  150. Electro-dub track.. LISTEN NOW!!!
  151. Good acoustic recording with Audacity and an SM57
  152. Haggard studio fixes
  153. Alternate Drum Sample For Same Drum
  154. Drum micing through ?
  155. Drum Replacement
  156. Distoring high pitch notes without getting too loud
  157. I want sounds of the ocean in my recording
  158. Collab from Drummer...
  159. USB mixer + Cubase?
  160. The Georges
  161. New Catfight On A Hotdog Album, FREE DOWNLOAD
  162. I can't growl :(
  163. Putting together a home studio...
  164. Acoustic Treatment?
  165. How does one find a band to join?
  166. Can someone critique my singing
  167. critique my mix?
  168. Noob PA system Q's
  169. Check out this vocal cover
  170. Evading The Grave - Full Demo!
  171. How to master the Perfect (Absolute) Pitch?
  172. [HELP!] Acoustic guitar and Backing
  173. Album complete
  174. MF Deal of the Day
  175. Binaural mics, anyone have experience?
  176. 706 Critique
  177. Super Tape Man Critique...
  178. Looking for Vocalist/Singer for home recordings
  179. I need feedback on a song!
  180. New Catfight On A Hotdog EP, FREE DOWNLOAD
  181. 2x12 or 4x12 speakers
  182. Great Lakes EP (feedback appreciated)
  183. New songs from Shakedown Inc. (feedback greatly appreciated)
  184. Electric Drum Kit Recording Problem
  185. Three demos, feedback appreciated (awkward/electro)
  186. If I have logic, how do I work a keyboard on the computer?
  187. Hey, I just finished an album
  188. some covers Feedback please!
  189. I need feedback on my album.
  190. using samples in cubase?
  191. My Remix of "Shine 4U" Please give feedback and vote
  192. Big Problems!!!!
  193. New Song. Need Feedback. Let's do this.
  194. Alligator's band!
  195. If I Fell Into Black Water EP (Feedback would be awesome)
  196. Good budget condenser, and pro tools windows xp help
  197. Struggling with mix, any thoughts would be appreciated
  198. Need Opinions.
  199. any august burns red fans out there?
  200. mastering
  201. New collab, this one should be a fun listen
  202. Looking for feedback (Alt/Indie/Pop-Rock)
  203. Is it possible to get a good recording of vocals with an SM57 Mic?
  204. Unintended (Muse cover)
  205. Rate some of my collaborations?
  206. sing high... softly?
  207. Midi sound packages?
  208. pop sounds on vocals
  209. New Catfight On A Hotdog Album "43% Remixed"
  210. 2 new songsss
  211. Some Very Cool Audio Freeware
  212. I am in need of a backing track to Weightless by All Time Low. Any help?
  213. The (s)Exchange
  214. What are you up to, musically?
  215. Where can I find good white noise samples?
  216. Frequency Analysis
  217. Feedback.
  218. attn: Audiophiles (Headphone/pro audio discussion)
  219. Need Setup Assistance
  220. Candy Finnigan
  221. netflix streaming video
  222. New song, long time in the making
  223. Vocal cover feedback!!
  224. I can not seem to sing loudly
  225. VESSL ||| NJ Based Band. For fans of Deftones, Tool, Thrice ETC...
  226. New Catfight On A Hotdog EP, Cats! Cats! Cats!
  227. Line In HELP
  228. Annoying Audio Regions
  229. Constructive Criticism
  230. slightly new single from Pink and Yellow (electronic, 8bit)
  231. Audacity - Using Click Track
  232. AshMcAuliffe music
  233. Anyone need a vocalist for recording?
  234. My Songs
  235. Jim Colyer Band - CD master
  236. Anyone interested in buying Sonar 8 and a midi controller?
  237. If U Seek Amy [remix]
  238. Midi drums
  239. djdorama's magnum opus
  240. New Catfight On A Hotdog EP, An Implied Sense Of Belonging
  241. Jazz tonality
  242. Darkest Hour vocal cover
  243. Wilds Forlorn - An Ode (2009)
  244. Recording Question
  245. my first rap song
  246. Mixers - Yamaha n12
  247. My rock opera, Off the Spring, is finally released!
  248. Musician classified places? (for metal)
  249. Ideal OS / DAW / Interface Setup
  250. A question for singers