EditEnvoy Of Lucifer (LP)
1. Infernal Flame of Destruction
2. Evocation of the End
3. Open the Gates of Damnation
4. Claws of Death
5. Storm of the Reaper
6. Envoy of Lucifer
7. Evil is Eternal
8. Raging Flames
9. Belial’s Prey
10. No More Life

Release Date: 2007
EditMCMXC - MMIII (Compilation)
1. Intro
2. Unholy Death
3. Reaper (Bathory cover)
4. Mean Machine (Motörhead cover)
5. Hellish Blasphemy
6. Earwigs in Your Veins (Treblinka cover)
7. Sacrifice to the Lord of Darkness
8. Satanic Sacrifice
9. Evil Blasphemies
10. The Bestial Avenger
11. Deathstrike from Hell
12. The Final Slaugther
13. Spid (Korrozia Metalla cover)

Release Date: 2003
EditUnholy Death (EP)
1. Unholy Death
2. The Devastation

Release Date: 2000
EditServants of Darkness (LP)
1.Evil Blasphemies
2.Sadistic Blood Massacre
3.Black Evil
4.Bestial Avenger
5.War of Doom(Armageddon)
6.Servants of Darkness
7.Infernal Desolation
8.Into the Morbid Black
9.Sacrifice to the Lord of Darkness

Release Date: 2000
EditDevil's Force (LP)
1. Deathstrike From Hell
2. The Final Slaughter
3. Desecration of the Dead
4. Demonic Evil
5. Satanic Mass
6. Soldier of Satan
7. Devil's Force
8. Hellish Blasphemy

Release Date: 1998
EditNifelheim (LP)
1.The Devastation
2.Black Curse
3.Unholy Death
4.Possessed by Evil
6.Satanic Sacrifice
7.Storm of Satan's Fire

Release Date: 1994


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