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Edit87 - 93 (Compilation)
1. Skin Rape
2. Scum Human
3. World of Difference
4. Modern Moses
5. Guinea Piglet Alone
6. Community Slugs
7. Jugular Scars
8. For Tommorow's Sake (Live)
9. In the Name of Stupidity (Live
10. Modern Moses (Live)
11. For Tommorow's Sake
12. Saying Uncle
13. A Mother's Crime
14. Community Slugs
15. In the Name of Stupidity
16. Farmer Hitler John
17. World of Difference
18. Open Face Down
19. A Mother's Crime (Live)
20. Community Slugs (Live)
21. Guinea Piglet Alone (Live)
22. World of Difference (Live)
23. Skin Rape (Live)
24. Open Face Down (Live)
25. Jugular Scars (Live)
26. Dead Stare for Life (Live)
27. Past Tense (Live)
28. Sarcastics (Live)
29. Distant (Live)
30. Hurt (Live)
31. Hacked to Chunks (Live)
32. Lament (Live)
33. Soiled by Hate (Live)
34. Downsided (Live)
35. Push Down and Turn (Live)
36. Curtains (Live)
37. Life
38. Dead Stare for Life
39. Past Tense
40. Sarcastics
41. Distant
42. Hurt
43. Hacked to Chunks
44. Lament
45. Soiled by Hate
46. Downsided
47. Push Down and Turn
48. Curtains + Bonus Live Tracks

Release Date: 1999
EditNo Comment (EP)
A1. Skin Rape
A2. Scum Human
A3. World Of Difference
A4. Modern Moses
B1. Guinea Piglet Alone
B2. Community Slugs
B3. Jugular Scars

Release Date: 1994
EditDownsided (EP)
A1. Dead Stare For Life
A2. Past Tense
A3. Sarcastics
A4. Distant
A5. Hurt
A6. Hacked To Chunks
B1. Lament
B2. Soiled By Hate
B3. Downsided
B4. Push Down & Turn
B5. Curtains

Release Date: 1992
EditCommon Senseless (EP)
A1. For Tomorrow's Sake?
A2. Saying Uncle (Won't Help At All)
A3. A Mother's Crime
A4. Community Slugs
A5. In The Name Of Stupidity
B1. Farmer Hitler John
B2. World Of Differences
B3. Special Circumstances
B4. Open Face Down

Release Date: 1989


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