Bo Diddley

EditHey ! Bo Diddley. (Compilation)
Disc One: "Bo Diddley"
1 Bo Diddley
2 I'm a Man
3 Bring It to Jerome
4 Before You Accuse Me
5 Hey! Bo Diddley
6 Dearest Darling
7 Hush Your Mouth
8 Say Boss Man
9 Diddley Daddy
10 Diddy Wah Diddy
11 Who Do You Love?
12 Pretty Thing
Bonus Tracks
13 She's Fine, She's Mine
14 I'm Looking for a Woman
15 I'm Bad
16 Cops and Robbers
Disc Two: "Go Bo Diddley"
1 Crackin' Up
2 I'm Sorry
3 Bo's Guitar
4 Willie and Lillie
5 You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
6 Say Man
7 The Great Grandfather
8 Oh Yea
9 Don't Let It Go
10 Little Girl
11 Dearest Darling
12 The Clock Strikes Twelve
Bonus Tracks
13 Down Home Special
14 Mona (I Need You Baby)
15 Bo Meets the Monster
16 She's Alright

Release Date: 2010
EditBo's the Man! / Live on Tour (Live Album)
1. Intro/Bo Diddley Vamp(Live) 7:26
2. Doctor Jekyll(Live)
3. Everleen(Live) 4:38
4. I Don't Know Where I've Been(Live)
5. You Can't Judge A Book(Live) 3:54
6. Road Runner(Live) 3:25
7. I'm A Man(Live) 10:38
8. Mona(Live) 5:10
9. Don't Know Where I've Been (Live) (Bonustrack)
10. Juke (Live) (Bonustrack) 3:32
11. Sad Hours (Live) (Bonustrack)

Release Date: 2007
EditThis Should Not Be (LP)

Release Date: 1992
EditBreakin' Through the B.S. (LP)
1 Turbo Diddley 2000
2 Bo Pop Shake
3 Deeper
4 Down with the Pusher
5 Slipped-N-Fell-N-Love
6 You Tricked Me
7 Wake Up America
8 Jeanette, Jeanette 2
9 I broke the chain 2
10 R U Serious
11 Home to McComb
12 Just Like Bo Diddley

Release Date: 1989
EditHis Best (Compilation)
1. Bo Diddley
2. I'm A Man
3. You Don't Love Me
4. Diddley Daddy
5. Pretty Thing
6. Bring It To Jerome
7. I'm Looking For A Woman
8. Who Do You Love
9. Hey! Bo Diddley
10. Mona (a/k/a I Need You Baby)
11. Before You Accuse Me
12. Say Man
13. Dearest Darling
14. Crackin' Up
15. Story Of Bo Diddley
16. Road Runner
17. Pills
18. I Can Tell
19. You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
20. Ooh Baby

Release Date: 1987
EditHis Greatest Sides, Vol. 1 (Compilation)
A1 Bo Diddley 2:30
A2 Pretty Thing

Written-By – Willie Dixon

A3 Bring It To Jerome

Vocals, Written-By – Jerome Green

A4 I'm A Man 2:41
A5 Mona 2:18
A6 Diddley Daddy

Written-By – Harvy Fuqua*

A7 Dearest Darling 2:32
B1 Who Do You Love 2:09
B2 Road Runner 2:45
B3 Say Man 2:30
B4 Bo's Bounce 1:35
B5 You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Written-By – Willie Dixon

B6 Crackin' Up 2:41
B7 Hey Bo Diddley 2:17

Release Date: 1983
EditBig Bad Bo (LP)
A1 Bite You 4:20
A2 He's Got All the Whiskey 4:40
A3 Hit or Miss 3:40
B1 You've Got a Lot of Nerve 3:23
B2 Stop the Pusher 5:15
B3 Evelee 6:23
B4 I've Been Workin'

Release Date: 1974
EditLet Me Pass (LP)

Release Date: 1966
Edit500% More Man (LP)
A1 500% More Man 2:57
A2 Let Me Pass 2:34
A3 Stop My Monkey 2:43
A4 Greasy Spoon 2:38
A5 Tonight Is Ours 2:58
A6 Root Hoot 3:15
B1 Hey Red Riding Hood 2:59
B2 Let the Kids Dance 2:21
B3 He's So Mad 2:52
B4 Soul Food 2:45
B5 Corn Bread 2:52
B6 Somebody Beat Me 2:57

Release Date: 1965
EditTwo Great Guitars (Split with Chuck Berry) (LP)
A1 Chuck Berry - Liverpool Drive
A2 Bo Diddley / Chuck Berry - Chuck's Beat
B1 Bo Diddley - When the Saints Go Marching In
B2 Bo Diddley / Chuck Berry - Bo's Beat

Release Date: 1964
EditBo Diddley & Company (LP)
A1 Ben
A2 Help Out
A3 Diana
A4 Bo's a Lumber Jack
A5 Lazy Women
A6 Mama Mia
B1 Gimme Gimme
B2 Put the Shoes on Willie
B3 Pretty Girl
B4 Same Old Thing
B5 Met You on Saturday
B6 Little Girl

Release Date: 1963
EditBo Diddley's Beach Party (Live) (LP)
A1 Memphis 2:26
A2 Gun Slinger 2:42
A3 Hey! Bo Diddley 3:01
A4 Old Smokey 3:18
A5 Bo Diddley's Dog 3:57
B1 I'm All Right 4:00
B2 Mr. Custer 3:22
B3 Bo's Waltz 3:20
B4 What's Buggin' You? 2:51
B5 Roadrunner 4:18

Release Date: 1963
EditBo Diddley's a Twister (LP)
A1 Detour 1:54
A2 She's Alright 2:55
A3 Doin' the Jaguar 2:13
A4 Who Do You Love 2:09
A5 Shank 1:50
A6 Road Runner 2:38
A7 My Babe 1:41
B1 The Twister 2:00
B2 Hey, Bo Diddley 1:47
B3 Hush Your Mouth 2:15
B4 Bo Diddley 2:17
B5 I'm Looking for a Woman 2:23
B6 Here 'Tis 2:20
B7 I Know

Release Date: 1962
EditHey! Bo Diddley (LP)
A1 Hey, Bo Diddley
A2 I'm a Man
A3 Detour
A4 Before You Accuse Me
A5 Bo Diddley
A6 Hush Your Mouth
B1 My Babe
B2 Road Runner
B3 Shank
B4 I know
B5 Here 'Tis
B6 I'm Looking for a Woman

Release Date: 1962
EditBo Diddley Is a Lover (LP)
A1 Not Guilty 2:08
A2 Hong Kong, Mississippi 2:55
A3 You're Looking Good 2:18
A4 Bo's Vacation 2:45
A5 Congo 2:30
A6 Bo's Blues 2:32
B1 Bo Diddley Is a Lover 2:29
B2 Aztec 2:22
B3 Back Home 2:25
B4 Bo Diddley Is Loose 2:57
B5 Love Is a Secret 3:00
B6 Quick Draw

Release Date: 1961
EditBo Diddley in the Spotlight (LP)
A1 Road Runner 2:45
A2 Story of Bo Diddley 2:42
A3 Scuttle Bug 2:20
A4 Signifying Blues 2:31
A5 Let Me In 1:52
A6 Limber 2:26
B1 Love Me 2:20
B2 Craw-Dad 2:25
B3 Walkin' and Talkin' 2:38
B4 Travelin' West 1:44
B5 Deed and Deed I Do 2:15
B6 Live My Life 2:35

Release Date: 1960
EditHave Guitar, Will Travel (LP)
A1 She's Alright
A2 Cops and Robbers
A3 Run Diddley Daddy
A4 Mumblin' Guitar
A5 I Need You Baby
B1 Say Man, Back Again
B2 Nursery Rhyme
B3 I Love You So
B4 Spanish Guitar
B5 Dancing Girl
B6 Come on Baby

Release Date: 1960
EditBo Diddley Is a Gunslinger (LP)
A1 Gunslinger 1:50
A2 Ride on Josephine 3:00
A3 Doing the Craw-daddy 2:58
A4 Cadillac 2:39
A5 Somewhere 2:25
B1 Cheyenne 2:05
B2 Sixteen Tons 2:30
B3 Whoa Mule (Shine) 2:28
B4 No More Lovin' 2:25
B5 Diddling

Release Date: 1960
EditGo Bo Diddley (LP)
A1 Crackin' Up
A2 I'm Sorry
A3 Bo's Guitar
A4 Willie and Lillie
A5 You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
A6 Say Man
B1 The Great Grandfather
B2 Oh Yeah
B3 Don't Let It Go (Hold On to What You Got)
B4 Little Girl
B5 Dearest Darling
B6 Clock Strikes Twelve

Release Date: 1959
EditBo Diddley (LP)
1.Bo Diddley
2.I'm a Man
3.Bring It to Jerome
4.Before You Accuse Me
5.Hey Bo Diddley
6.Dearest Darling
7.Hush Your Mouth
8.Say Bossman
9.Diddley Daddy
10.Diddey Wah Diddey
11.Who Do You Love
12.Pretty Thing

Release Date: 1958
EditRhythm and Blues With Bo Diddley (LP)
A1 Bo Diddley
A2 I'm a Man
B1 Bring It to Jerome
B2 Pretty Thing

Release Date: 1956


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