Finger Eleven

EditLife Turns Electric (LP)
1. Any Moment Now
2. Pieces Fit
3. Whatever Doesn't Kill Me
4. Living In a Dream
5. Good Intentions
6. Stone Soul
7. Ordinary Life
8. Don't Look Down
9. Famous Last Words
10. Love's What You Left Me With

Release Date: 2010
EditUs-vs-Then-vs-Now (Compilation)
1) "Sacrifice" (Previously unreleased 2006)
2) "Unspoken" (Previously unreleased 2003)
3) "Paralyzer" (Original band demo)
4) "One Thing" (Original band demo)
5) "Change the World" (Original band demo)
6) "1000 Mile Wish" (Original band demo)
7) "Absent Elements" (Original band demo)
8) "Sick of It All" (Sullen Mix)
9) "Wake Up Demons" (Previously unreleased 2003)
10) "Bend the Rules" (Previously unreleased 2006)
11) "Song for an Awkward Moment" (Previously unreleased)
12) "Key Loop" (Instrumental)
13) "Murder My Mind's Eye" (Previously unreleased 2003)
14) "Tearing Disguises" (Previously unreleased 2003)

Release Date: 2008
EditUs-vs-Then-vs-Now (DVD) (Live Album)
"As Far As I Can Spit" (Rainbow Butt Monkeys Live at
MuchMusic November 14, 1995)
"Transition Interview" (MuchMusic Interview April 14, 1999)
"Quicksand" (Live from CBGB, New York City, April 29, 1998)
"Drag You Down" (Live from The Opera House, Toronto,
November 9, 2000)
"First Time" (The Video-Band Version)
"The Frying Pan Interview" (New York City, May 16, 2000)
"Drag You Down" (The Video)
"Good Times" (The Video)
"Complicated Questions" (Live at Snow Job, Newfoundland,
March 24, 2003)
"One Thing" (The Video)
"Nardwuar Discusses Influences Interview" (Vancouver
June 28, 2004)
"Absent Elements" (Live from The Showplace Theatre,
Buffalo, April 17, 2003)
"Unspoken" (At Live, New York City, March 10,
"Rich and Rick on Citadel Hill Interview" (MuchMusic Going
Coastal, Halifax June 28, 2003)
"Good Times" (Breakout, Live at the Mac Hall, Calgary,
September 25, 2003)
"Change The World" (The Video)
"Falling On" (The Video)
"Paralyzer" (The Video)
"I'll Keep Your Memory Vague" (The Video)
"Behind the Scenes" (Spring 2007 Canadian Tour)
Live from the Warehouse Studio (Vancouver, March 2007)
Live from the Berkeley Church (Toronto, May 2007)

Release Date: 2008
EditThem vs. You vs. Me (LP)
1. Paralyzer
2. Falling On
3. I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
4. Lost My Way
5. So-So Suicide
6. Window Song
7. Sense Of Spark
8. Talking To The Walls
9. Change The World
10. Gather & Give
11. Them vs. You vs. Me
12. Easy Life

Release Date: 2007
EditFinger Eleven (LP)
1. Other Light
2. Complicated Questions
3. Stay in Shadow
4. Good Times
5. Absent Elements
6. Thousand-Mile Wish
7. Conversations
8. The Last Scene of Struggling
9. Panic Attack
10. Therapy
11. One Thing
12. Obvious Heart

Release Date: 2003
EditThe Greyest of Blue Skies (LP)
First Time
Drag You Down
My Carousel
Sick of It All
For the Ocean
Broken Words
Bones + Joints
Walking in My Shoes
Stay and Drown

Release Date: 2000
EditTip (LP)
1. Quicksand
2. Tip
3. Shudder
4. Awake and Dreaming
5. Above
6. Condenser
7. Thin Spirits
8. Glimpse
9. Costume for a Gutterball
10. Temporary Arms
11. Swallowtail

Release Date: 1998


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