EditFlies In All Directions (LP)
01) Pagan Baby
02) Bring Us The Head Of Weatherbox
03) The Fresh Prints Of Bill Ayers
04) Bathin' In The Fuss
05) Radio Hive
06) The Devil And Whom?
07) Dark All Night For Us
08) Drag Out
09) The Drones
10) Ghost Malls
11) Kick-Flips
12) The Last White Lighter
13) Love Me A Good Microcosm

Release Date: 2014
EditFollow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar (EP)
1. Secret Muslim
2. My Head
3. Mountain
4. Heavy Map
5. Broken Glowsticks
6. The Bullets

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Cosmic Drama (LP)
Side A
That Mann
King Friend (The Showing of the Instruments)
They're Ready for Us to Come Home
This Space Intentionally Left Blank
Mindthings to W.A.S.T.E.
YouTube the Clouds (Anything That Flies)
...And You Will Know Me by the Trail of Dead
Side B
Two Satchels of Light
I Haven't Kissed a Guy in Lightyears
Ask My Flashlight
Contactus, the Little Green Man
Don't Say Nice Things
Spu?? Ou (Anything That Moves)

Release Date: 2009
EditAmerican Art (LP)
1.) Atoms Smash
2.) Armed to the Teeth
3.) The Clearing
4.) Wolftank Doff thy Name
5.) Untitled
6.) Moments Before the Smashing of Future Ryan
7.) Snakes, Our Ground
8.) A Flock Of Weatherboxes
9.) I Worship Raw Beats
10.) The Dreams
11.) The Drugs
12.) Drop the Mike
13.) Trippin’ the Life Fantastic

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Clearing (EP)
1. Snakes, Our Ground
2. The Thinnest Of Maps
3. The Clearing
4. Cowboy Mountain
5. Atoms Smash

Release Date: 2006


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