EditMurderlust (LP)
1. Murderlust
2. Pandora's Hell
3. Fear Me
4. The Violent Act
5. Punishable by Death
6. In Process
7. Iconoclast
8. Darkest of Forces
9. Refill the Chest
10. Assassin (MUSE cover)

Release Date: 09/27/2013
EditThe Great Bludgeoning (LP)
1. The Killer
2. Venom
3. Smell Of Death
4. Decayer
5. The Wail Of My Threnode
6. Resurrect With A Vengeance
7. The Great Bludgeoning
8. Need To Kill
9. Devil In Your Own Hell

Release Date: 2011
EditTo The Nines (LP)
1. To The Nines
2. Backstabber
3. Cloaked In Shit
4. Clarity
5. Even If It Kills Me
6. Commencing A Campaign
7. The Writing's On The Wall
8. In The Trenches
9. Aurora
10. Oceans Of Blood

Release Date: 2009
EditSerpent Smiles And Killer Eyes (LP)
1.Lies And Deceit
2.The Slain
3.Damned Below Judas
4.Drinking With The King Of The Dead
5.Forever War
6.Feeding The Demons
8.Let Them Hate

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Sickness Within (LP)
1.White Fever
2.Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of 3.Blood
3.Reaper Of Life
4.Sickness Within
5.Murderous Intent
6.Coming Of Chaos
7.Bleed To Death
8.Heaven Is Ready To Fall
9.Seeds Of Shame
10.Chamber Master
11.Marked By Darkness

Release Date: 2006
EditThe Killing EP (EP)
1. Murderous Intent
2. You're The Enemy
3. The Will of God
4. Trip At The Brain (Suicidal Tendencies cover)

Release Date: 2005
EditBallet of the Brute (LP)
1. The Beginning and the End (intro)
2. Deathtrip
3. Vermin
4. Downward to Nothing
5. Only the Strongest...
6. What I See I Despise
7. Last Cut, Last Head
8. Warhead
9. Blankeyed
10. 500 Dead People

Release Date: 2004
EditSomething Old, Something New... (EP)
1. Release The Pain
2. Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
3. Caught In A Mosh (Anthrax cover)
4. Low Life Vendetta (live)
5. Bloodsoil (live)
6. Plague (live)
7. Hate (live)

Release Date: 2003
EditBloodred Hatred (LP)
1. Intro
2. Believer
3. Hell Is Here
4. Insanity Arise
5. Disbeliever
6. Plague
7. Low Life Vendetta
8. Deeper and Deeper
9. Kicking Ahead
10. [Untitled Hidden Track]
11. [Untitled Hidden Track]

Release Date: 2003
EditHatesphere (LP)
1. Hate
2. Picture This
3. Addicted Soul
4. Bloodsoil
5. Down For Good
6. No Sense
7. Preacher
8. Dead
9. Ill Will

Release Date: 2001


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