EditSouthwest Passage (LP)
1. Southwest Passage
2. Human Extinction
3. All Contempt Reciprocated
4. Dwelling In The Full moon Forests
5. Obscure And Darkened Contemplation
6. Requiem For A Lonely Ghost

Release Date: 05/22/2013
EditForeboding Silence (LP)
1. Intro
2. Lonely Walk in a Desolate Cold Pine Forest
3. Interval
4. Foreboding Silence
5. Interval II
6. Weeping Abandoned Spirit
7. Interval III
8. Intro II
9. My Journey Through the Hills and Paddocks
10. Somnambulistic Nightmares Return
11. Outro

Release Date: 2008
EditGhost Woodlands (LP)
1. Bete Noirs
2. Wandering The Wilderness Of Eternal Misery
3. Light Anomalies In The Phantom Woods
4. With Animosity I Bequeath Thee
5. Sinister Scraping Of The Spectres
6. Ghostwoodlands
7. Descending Into Utter Despair

Release Date: 2008
EditNefaria/A Tragic Journey Towards... (LP)
1. Nefaria
2. Permafrost Forest
3. Somnambulistic Nightmares
4. Garmonbozia
5. Lament
6. Bleeding Black Tears Of Hate
7. Black Apparitional Void
8. Into/The Hordes Of Darkness
9. Beyond The Shadow Of Silence
10. One With The Night
11. Drowned In Black Beauty
12. Alone In Darkness
13. A Tragic Journey Towards The Light
14. Palace In The Heart Of The Forest
15. Haunted Forest
16. Drowned In Black Beauty II

Release Date: 2007
EditEmbittered Darkness/Isle De Morts (LP)
1. Protagonist Of Misanthropic Virtue
2. Wrapped In A Cocoon Out Of Harm's Way
3. Race Of Apathy
4. In the Eerie Pre-Dawn Silence Of The Cold
5. Embittered Darkness
6. Digging A Ditch To Die In
7. Intro
8. Through The Veils Of Darkness
9. Descending From The Blackened Sky
10. Holding The Throne Of Night
11. The Day For My Kingdom To Rule
12. The Cold Slumber That Awaits Me
13. Return Of The Dark Lord
14. Landscapes Of Mist Cast Across The Steel Of Cold
15. In Darkness...
16. Mist

Release Date: 2006
EditIn the Heart of the Rainforest (LP)

Release Date: 2000
EditMisanthropic Isolation (LP)

Release Date: 2000
EditCold Winter Moon (LP)

Release Date: 1997


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