Nurse With Wound

EditTerms & Conditions Apply (LP)
CD1 – The Bacteria Magnet:

1. Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ (Bacteria Bitch Mix)
2. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
3. Thrill Of Romance? (Burgo Partridge Mix)
4. The Bottom Feeder Rushkoff Coercion
5. Sarah’s Beloved Aunt
6. Bum Brush Effect
7. Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’ (Black Bomber Mix)
8. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (Mää Mää)
9. Bum Brush Effect (Long Version)
10. Beloved Aunt With Extra Cheddar

CD2 – Erroneous, A Selection Of Errors:

1. Tickety Boo Nww/Fritz Müller
2. Driftin’ By Nww/Larsen/Fritz Müller
3. Rock Baby Rock Nww/Larsen/Fritz Müller
4. Electric Smudge Nww/Freida Abtan
5. Cackles Nww/Freida Abtan
6. Opium Cabaret

Release Date: 2014
EditSpace Music (LP)
1. Space Music

Release Date: 2009
EditHuffin' Rag Blues (LP)
1. Willy the Weeper
2. Groove Grease (Hot Catz)
3. The Funktion of the Hairy Egg
4. Black Teeth
5. Thrill of Romance...?
6. Livin' with the Night
7. Ketamineaphonia
8. Juice Head Crazy Lady
9. Wash the Dust from my Heart
10. Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
11. All of Me

Release Date: 2008
EditLivin' Fear of James Last (LP)
Disc 1
1. Six Buttons of Sex Appeal [Edit]
2. Dirty Fingernails [Edit]
3. Stick That Chick and Feel My Steel Through Your Last Meal
4. Subterranean Zappa Blues
5. Ag Canadh Thuas Sa Spèir
6. Die, Flip or Go to India
7. Cold [Edit]
8. Strange Play of the Mouth [Edit]
9. Swansong [Edit]

Disc 2
1. Optical Illusion Pad
2. Sea Armchair
3. Piece of the Sky Is Missing
4. Home Is Where the Heart Is/Monument for Perez Prado
5. Intravenous [Edit]
6. New Dress
7. Yagga Blues
8. Two Shaves and a Shine [Edit]
9. Rock 'N Roll Station [Edit]
10. I Was No Longer His Dominant [Remix]

Release Date: 2005
EditSalt Marie Celeste (LP)
1. Salt Marie Celeste

Release Date: 2003
EditCrocodile Krazy Glue (LP)
1. alas the madonna functions
2. i've plumbed this whole neighborhood
3. chair improvisation number four
4. the strange play of the mouth (red sands mix)
5. antacid cocamotive 93
6. The Dance of Fools
7. Exerpt From Pricksongs
8. Lea Tantaaria
9. Great-God-Father-Nieces
10.Lonely Poisonous Mushroom
11.Elderly Man River
12.Someone Other's Garden
13.The Strange Play of the Mouth (fractured mix)

Release Date: 2003
EditShe and Me Fall Together in Free Death (LP)
1. she and me fall together like free death
2. black is the color of my true loves hair
3. chicken concret
4. gusset typing
5. she and me fall together like free death (phosphorous mix)
6. chicken korma

Release Date: 2003
EditThe Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums (LP)
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled
5. Untitled
6. Untitled
7. Untitled
8. Untitled
9. Untitled

Release Date: 2003
EditMan with the Woman Face (LP)
1. beware the african mosquito (ring your doorbell, put you to sleep)
2. ag canadh thuas sa spèir
3. white light from the stars in your mind (a paramechanical development)

Release Date: 2002
EditAn Awkward Pause (LP)
1. Intravenous
2. Two Shaves And A Shine (Concerto For Bouzouki
And 3 Piece Rock Group In 93 Six Second
3. The Penis Fruit Loop
4. Lunar Cement Sidewalk
5. Mummer's Little Weeper

Release Date: 1999
EditActs of Senseless Beauty (with Aranos) (LP)
1. either open or unsound
2. bloodclot
3. a window of possible organic development
4. the entertainer
5. some magic powers

Release Date: 1997
EditWho Can I Turn to Stereo (LP)
1. Tune Time Machine
2. Landed At Granma's
3. Woollen Numbness of Anaesthesia
4. Yagga Blues
5. Livin' Fear Of James Last
6. Space Funk With Springs
7. Easy Snapping
8. Home Is Where The Heart Is
9. Monument To Perez Prado
10. Approaching Darkness Fish
11. Darkness Fish
12. The Standard Of Table Daddy

Release Date: 1996
EditYagga Blues (EP)
1. Yagga Blues
2. Yagga Blues (instrumental)
3. Funeral Music for Perez Prado

Release Date: 1995
EditRock'n Roll Station (LP)
1. Rock'n Roll Station
2. The Self Sufficient Sexual Show
3. Two Golden Microphones
4. A Silhouette And A Thumbtack (Dance In Hyperspace)
5. R+B Through Colis Browne
6. Finsbury Park, May 8th, 1:35Pm (I'll See You In Another World)

Release Date: 1994
EditThunder Perfect Mind (LP)
1. Cold
2. Colder Still
3. Cold (Miss Ticker Mix) [on digipak reissue]

Release Date: 1992
EditSugar Fish Drink (LP)
1. Cooloorla Moon
2. Creakiness
3. I Am the Poison
4. Swamp Rat
5. A Piece of the Sky is Missing
6. Nil By Mouth
7. Brained

Release Date: 1992
EditA Sucked Orange (LP)
1. Pleasant Banjo Intro With Irritating Squeak
2. It's All Gone Weird
3. Spiral Theme
4. Man Is The Animal
5. A Precise History Of Industrial Music
6. Raymonde Fluffs it
7. Musical Bovine Spongiform (The Mad Cow Two-Step)
8. I'm A Frayed Knot
9. Sinan Sings For Her Chums
10. It Just Ain't So
11. Nasal Hair
12. Rockette Morton Part One
13. Rockette Morton part Two
14. Dogs Breath Rising
15. This Piano Can't Think
16. Crack Up
17. Scissor Rock Bicycle Revelation
18. Dream Of A Butterfly Inside The Skull Of A Horse
19. Raymonde Cries A River
20. Fadecrack Down
21. Ritva Sings For The World
22. Peccadillo
23. Father - Nieces
24. It Just Ain't So (Slight Return)
25. A Little Missing Part Of Homotopy To Marie
26. S.B.B. Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards
27. Scrapie
28. Flea Bite
29. Scrambled Egg Rebellion In The Smegma Department

Release Date: 1990
EditSoliloquy for Lilith (LP)
1. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. I
2. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. II
3. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. III
4. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. IV
5. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. V
6. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. VI
7. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. VII
8. Soliloquy for Lilith pt. VIII

Release Date: 1988
EditAlas the Madonna Does Not Function (EP)
1. Nil By Mouth
2. Swansong

Release Date: 1988
EditDrunk With the Old Man of the Mountains (LP)
A1.Mourning Smile
A2.Swamp Rat
B1.Astral Dustbin Dirge
B2.Shattering Man Falling

Release Date: 1987
EditSpiral Insana (LP)

Release Date: 1986
EditThe Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion (LP)
1. You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
2. Great Balls Of Fur

Release Date: 1985
EditBrained By Falling Masonry (LP)
A Brained By Falling Masonry 11:43
B A Short Dip In The Glory Hole 13:10

Release Date: 1984
EditOstranenie 1913 (LP)
1. Ostranenie
2. Dada

Release Date: 1983
EditHomotopy to Marie (LP)
1 I Cannot Feel You as the Dogs Are
Laughing and I Am Blind
2 Homotopy to Marie
3 The Schmürz (Unsullied by Suckling)
4 The Tumultuous Upsurge (Of Lasting

Release Date: 1982
EditInsect and Individual Silenced (LP)
1. Alvin's funeral (the milk was delivered in black bottles)
2. absent old queen underfoot
3. mutilés de guerre

Release Date: 1981
EditThe 150 Murderous Passions (LP)
1. The 150 Murderous Passions (Part 1)
2. The 150 Murderous Passions (Part 2)

Release Date: 1981
EditMerzbild Schwet (LP)
- Dada
- Futurismo

Release Date: 1980
EditTo the Quiet Men From a Tiny Girl (LP)
- Umbrella Link
- She Alone Hole and Open
- Ostranenie

Release Date: 1980
EditChance Meeting on a Dissecting Table... (LP)
- Two Mock Projections
- The Six Buttons of Sex Appeal
- Blank Capsules of Embroidered Cellophane

Release Date: 1979


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