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EditSun Peeking Through (LP)
1. Terese
2. Parlour (Variation I)
3. Found
4. Parlour (Variation III)
5. We Won't Need You Anymore
6. End of the Summer
7. Lost
8. Sun Peeking Through
9. Parlour (Variation II)
10. Variation I

Release Date: 07/20/2012
EditLike Green Grass Against a Blue Sky (LP)
1. Terese
2. 02
3. Enslig
4. Klosterg
5. Like Grass Straws Against A Blue Sky
6. Om Du Ar En Fagel
7. Accidental Theme Pt.1
8. Ren Tystnad
9. 09

Release Date: 2010
EditA Summer Beneath The Trees (LP)
1. The Sound Of Emptiness Part 1
2. Pieces Of Us Were Left On The Tracks...
3. Above The Flood
4. A Summer Beneath The Trees
5. The Fragile Tide
6. The Modest Triumph
7. The Sound Of Emptiness Part 2
8. The Rivers Turned To Cobblestone
9. ...And The Rain Did Fall

Release Date: 2008
EditSketches (LP)
01. Snowleaf
02. First day of spring
03. View from a train 1
04. The park
05. View from a train 2
06. Fields
07. Waves
08. The typewriter
09. View from a train 3
10. May
11. First day of winter

Release Date: 2007
EditHöstluft (LP)
1. Mörker Genom Tomrum
2. Skiss Av Träd
3. Noslipós
4. Repor
5. Dis/Dagg/Dimma
6. Mellan Ljud Och Text
7. Skiss Av Lov
8. Pjotr
9. Ensamhet
10. Distans

Release Date: 2007
EditFeelings For Something Lost (LP)
1. ...But Now Things Are Different, With
Birds Unable to Speak
2. Feelings for Something Lost in Two
Parts (Pt. 1)
3. Leaves Abstract in a Village Plunged
Into Mourning...
4. Abandoned Houses Hiding in Flickering
5. Lines Running Low Through 7th (...The
Shame of It All...)
6. It Was a Cold Day in February and We
Walked Across the Lake...
7. Departures (Burning Saints for Your Own
8. Shut Your Eyes and You’ll Find the
Trees Turning Into Flames
9. When We No Longer Are Around to Write
Our Love on Each Others Eyelids
10. Fading Lights and Distant Memories
11. Feelings for Something Lost in Two
Parts (Pt. 2)
12. It Ends With a Version of Keeping,
Reminding About What Once Where...

Release Date: 2006
EditAlone In The Bright Lights Of A Shattered Life (LP)
1. Broken Piano Pt. 2
2. In A Safe Place Somewhere Near Your Heart
3. The Leaves Have Left Us
4. Cold Leaves for the Violent Ground
5. The Scratches on the Window in the Doors
of Each Cell
6. Broken Piano Pt. 1
7. Alone in the Bright Lights of a Shattered

Release Date: 2005


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