EditPsych Minus Space Control (LP)
1. Occult Soul, With Mind
2. Psych Mooz Space Control
3. Reaper Subconscious Guide
4. Triad of Lucifer
5. When Always Ready

Release Date: 05/15/2012
EditReaper Subconscious Guide (LP)
1. Earlier Than the Third Might of the Cosmos
2. It Leads
3. Immortal Lecture
4. The Bonedrum
5. Essential Wait

Release Date: 2010
EditUTD (LP)
1.A Life About My Sabbath
2.Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall
3.Beneath The Wings Of The Black Vomit Above
4.The Deeds That Grasp To The Candle's Shade
5.Mandragora Officinarum
7.Deep In The Pot Of Fresh Antipodal Weave
8.Djerve Djevel

Release Date: 2007
EditFurze (EP)
1. Sleipnir-Fascism (After the Disturbance)
2. Furze
3. Reaper

Release Date: 2004
EditNecromanzee Cogent (LP)
1. Séance
2. For the Lust of Darkness
3. Dødsrikets Fremtred
4. Leizla
5. Necrosaint Black Metal
6. Silver Starlight
7. Sathanas' Megalomania

Release Date: 2003
EditTrident Autocrat (LP)
1. Zaredoo Knives Endows Thy Sight
2. Devacamo Possessed Black
3. Scolopendraarise
4. Avail the Autocrat of Evil
5. Witchboundator
6. Whilst the Trident Spawn and Spectre

Release Date: 2000
EditFirst Feast For Freedom (EP)
1. First Feast for Freedom
2. Zaredoo Knives Endows Thy Sight
3. Zeckra Stigma Diabolicum
4. Fresh Tea!

Release Date: 2000


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