EditCelebration of Exhumation (LP)
1.Desecrated-Decapitated (A Hymn To Monica D.)
2.Human Trophies
3.Fetus Rape
4.A Pile Of Skulls
5.Violent Intercourse
6.Shapeless And Decomposed
7.Oral Fistfuck
8.Born Dead

Release Date: 2004
EditFetus Rape (EP)
01. Oral Fistfuck
02. Violent Intercourse
03. Fetus Rape
04. Goresoaked Reincarnation
05. In Capture Of Necrophile Visions
06. Killing

Release Date: 2003
EditGoresoaked Reincarnation (LP)
1. Intro
2. In Capture Of Necrophile Visions 3.Goresoaked Reincarnation
4. Consumption Of Remnants Of A Miscarriage
5. Deeds Of Pedophile0
6. Orgasm Of 7-Years Old Girl Reached By Pneumatic Drill
7. Putrification Of Soul Through Disfiguration Of Body
8. Outro
9. Bastard Saints (Sinister cover)

Release Date: 2003
EditInternal Womb Cannibalism (LP)
1. Symptoms
2. Postmortal Gorephobia
3. Killing
4. That Cunts Name Is Heather
5. Intravenous Ejaculation
6. Penis Epidermis Inflammation
7. The False Prophet
8. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
9. Dunwich Morgue
10. Dead Virgin Whore
11. Internal Womb Cannibalism
12. Final Goremaggedon

Release Date: 2001
EditArrival Of The Forgotten Ones (LP)
1. Throne Of The Undead
2. Necrologue Written In Forest
3. Race Of The Dimension Unknown
4. Diseased Awareness Of Reality
5. Cemetary Of Memories
6. Guardians Of Deceitful Dawn
7. Evolution Of Decay
8. Autumn Shadows
9. Red Moon
10. Minulost

Release Date: 1999
EditNecrologue (EP)
1. Necrologue Written In Forest
2. Bloody Wounds
3. Desolated Areas Of The Forgotten Pain
4. Cemetery Of Memories
5. Rivers Of The Black Sun
6. C.C.K.C.C.

Release Date: 1998
EditAutumn Shadows (EP)
1. Tears
2. In The Dawn Of Time
3. Autumn Shadows
4. Unreal
5. Strange Primeval Maze Of Souls/Sexual Intercourse Of Demons

Release Date: 1996


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