EditNaps (EP)
1. Hibernationstate
2. Sleep Shock
3. Misogamist
4. Unknowing The End

Release Date: 2011
EditSnacks (LP)
1. Space Between Mountains
2. Where Nerves Were
3. Grim Collections
4. Wound Eraser
5. Slow Applause
6. Brain Snares
7. Sleeper Wave

Release Date: 2009
EditHeavy Nugs and Heady Chugs split 7'' w/ L'Antietam (EP)
1. Huge Ass Beers To Go

Release Date: 2008
EditJokes (LP)
1. Turtlelephant
2. The Ground Eats You
3. Life Was Real, Vital, Urgent, Important
4. Hypothetical Basking Shark
5. Kiss from a Roach on the Grave
6. Parrot's Just Don't Understand
7. Ron Ghousley's Fucked Up Dream
8. A Conduit Rather Than a Vault
9. Swingsets and Frozen Grapes

Release Date: 2007
EditMisspellings Split 5'' w/ Arse Moreira (EP)
1. Pig Hands

Release Date: 2007
EditSplit 10'' w/ Coffin Dancer (EP)
2. Waterweed

Release Date: 2007
EditDemo CDR (EP)
1. A Conduit Rather Than A Vault
2. Life Was Real, Vital, Urgent, Important/Bum Guts
3. The Ground Eats You
4. Hypothetical Basking Shark
5. Swingsets and Frozen Grapes

Release Date: 2006
EditI Haven't Had A Date In 4 Years EP (EP)
1. I
2. II
3. III

Release Date: 2005
EditNew Ruins (LP)
1. Your Valley Is Our Volcano
2. Until the Light Kills the Film
3. New Ruins
4. Scalpel Cuts Concrete
5. Gun at the Parade
6. Afterburn of Being Born
7. Talking Underwater
8. Eyes That Never Hit the Sky
9. Drowning Swan's Song

Release Date: 2004


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