Gary Allan

EditSet You Free (LP)
1. Tough Goodbye
2. Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)
3. Bones
4. It Ain't the Whiskey
5. Sand in My Soul
6. You Without Me
7. One More Time
8. Hungover Heart
9. No Worries
10. Drop
11. Pieces
12. Good as New

Release Date: 01/22/2013
EditLiving Hard (LP)
1. Watching Airplanes
2. We Touched The Sun
3. She's So California
4. Like It's A Bad Thing
5. Learning How To Bend
6. As Long As You're Looking Back
7. Wrecking Ball
8. Yesterday's Rain
9. Trying To Matter
10. Half Of My Mistakes
11. Living Hard

Release Date: 2007
EditGreatest Hits (LP)
1. A Feelin' Like That
2. Right Where I Need to Be
3. Songs About Rain
4. Smoke Rings in the Dark
5. Her Man
6. Best I Ever Had
7. Nothing on But the Radio
8. Man to Man
9. The One
10. Lovin' You Against My Will
11. It Would Be You
12. Man of Me
13. Tough Little Boys
14. As the Crow Flies
15. Life Ain't Always Beautiful

Release Date: 2007
EditTough All Over (LP)
1. Tough All Over
2. Best I Ever Had
3. I Just Got Back From Hell
4. Ring
5. Promise Broken
6. Nickajack Cave (Johnny Cash's Redemption)
7. Life Ain't Always Beautiful
8. He Can't Quit Her
9. What Kind of Fool
10. Puttin' Memories Away
11. No Damn Good
12. Putting My Misery on Display

Release Date: 2005
EditSee If I Care (LP)
1. Drinkin' Dark Whiskey
2. Can't Do It Today
3. Tough Little Boys
4. See If I Care
5. Songs About Rain
6. I Can Love You
7. Don't Look Away
8. Guys Like Me
9. Nothing On But the Radio
10. You Don't Know a Thing About Me
11. A Showman's Life

Release Date: 2003
EditAlright Guy (LP)
1. Man to Man
2. The Devil's Candy
3. What I'd Say
4. Man of Me
5. Adobe Walls
6. What's on My Mind
7. Alright Guy
8. The One
9. I'm Doin' My Best
10. I Don't Look Back
11. What Would Willie Do

Release Date: 2001
EditSmoke Rings in the Dark (LP)
1. Smoke Rings in the Dark
2. Right Where I Need to Be
3. Don't Tell Mama
4. Lovin' You Against My Will
5. Sorry
6. Cryin' For Nothin'
7. Bourbon Borderline
8. Runaway
9. Learning to Live With Me
10. Cowboy Blues
11. I'm the One
12. Greenfields

Release Date: 1999
EditIt Would Be You (LP)
1. It Would Be You
2. No Man In His Wrong Heart
3. Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long
4. I'll Take Today
5. I Ain't Runnin' Yet
6. She Loves Me (She Don't Love You)
7. I've Got a Quarter In My Pocket
8. Baby I Will
9. Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies
10. It Took Us All Night Long to Say Goodbye
11. Forgotten But Not Gone

Release Date: 1998
EditUsed Heart For Sale (LP)
1. Send Back My Heart
2. Her Man
3. Forever and a Day
4. Living in a House Full of Love
5. All I Had Going Is Gone
6. Used Heart For Sale
7. Of All the Hearts
8. From Where I'm Sitting
9. Wine Me Up
10. Wake Up Screaming

Release Date: 1996


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