Internal Suffering

EditAwakening Of The Rebel (LP)
01. INTRO: Thelemite Forces Attack
02. Awakening of The Rebel
03. Magnificent Uranus Power
04. Transfiguration of The Devotee
05. Arrival of a New Aeon
06. Evocation of The Secret Gate
07. Masters of Sorcery
08. Ascension to Immortality
09. Highest Key of The Illuminati
10. Thelemic Conqueror

Release Date: 2006
EditChoronzonic Force Domination (LP)
1.Choronzonic Force Domination
2.Summon the Gods of Chaos
3.Across the Tenth Aethyr
4.Baphomet Invocation
6.Dagon’s Rising
7.Dispersion & Darkness
8.Orbiting Chaosphere
9.Enter The Gate Of Death

Release Date: 2004
EditChaotic Matrix (LP)
1. The Unfolded Conquest of the Universe (Intro)
2. Chaotic Matrix (Prelude I - Onward to Termination)
3. Colossal Vortex (Prelude II - Phenomenal Spectrum)
4. Lurking Monstrosity (Prelude III - Ancient Oceans Dweller)
5. Cosmic Ancient Mountain (Upcoming Chaos I - The Tree of Knowledge)
6. Reborn in Victory (Upcoming Chaos II - The Unholy Manuscript)
7. Cataclysmic Origin (Upcoming Chaos III - Unleashed Astral Chaos)
8. Vatican Bombardment (Upcoming Hecatomb I - Dominion of the Xul)
9. Destroyer Entity (Upcoming Hecatomb II - Center of Destruction)
10. The Antiquary Horror (Interlude - At the Edge of Madness)
11. Decapitation of the Weak (Upcoming Hecatomb III - Arrival of the Highest Hierarchy)

Release Date: 2002
EditUnmercyful Extermination (EP)
1. Unmercyful Extermination
2. Dominating Thunderous Force
3. Breeders of Chaos
4. Outside Dwellers (New Hyper Brutally Improved version)
5. Catacombs Devourer
6. Decapitation of the Weak

Release Date: 2001
EditSupreme Knowledge Domain (LP)
1. Mighty Triumphant Return
2. Valley of the Impaled
3. Evil Sorcerers
4. Daemons Awakening
5. Outside Dwellers
6. Threshold Into the Unknown
7. Enter the Gate of Death
8. Beyond the Mystic Portal of Madness
9. Supreme Knowledge Domain
10. Summoning the Ancient Ones

Release Date: 2000


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