Severe Torture

EditSlaughtered (LP)
1. Grave Condition
2. Unholy Misconception
3. Deride Jesus
4. Defective Fornication
5. Slaughtered
6. Feeding on Cadavers
7. Inferior Divinity
8. Incarnation of Impurity
9. To Relieve the Mortal Flesh of Pain
10. Swallowing Decay

Release Date: 2010
EditSworn Vengeance (LP)
1. Dismal Perception
2. Serenity Torn Asunder
3. Fight Something
4. Repeat Offender
5. Countless Villains
6. Dogmasomatic Nausea
7. Redefined Identity
8. Buried Hatchet
9. Sworn Vengeance
10. Submerged in Grief

Release Date: 2007
EditFall Of The Despised (LP)
1. Endless Strain of Cadavers
2. Sawn off
3. Unconditional Annihilation
4. Consuming the Dying
5. Impulsive Mutilation
6. Dead from the Waist up
7. Decree of Darkness
8. Enshrined in Madness
9. End of Christ
10. Fall of the Despised

Release Date: 2005
EditMisanthropic Carnage (LP)
01. Mutilation of the Flesh
02. Meant to Suffer
03. Carnivorous Force
04. Misanthropic Carnage
05. Blinded I Slaughter
06. Impelled to Kill
07. Castrated
08. Forever to Burn
09. Your Blood is Mine

Release Date: 2002
EditButchery of the Soul (LP)
1.Butchery of the Soul
2.Rest in Flames
3.Pray for Nothing
4.Lambs of a god
5.Taking down the Descender
6.Perverse Suffering (originally by Cannibal Corpse)
7.Butchery of the Soul

Release Date: 2002
EditFeasting on Blood (LP)
1.Feces for Jesus
3.Decomposing Bitch
4.Baptized in Virginal Liquid
5.Twist the Cross
6.Butchery of the Soul
7.Rest in Flames
8.Severe Torture
9.Pray for Nothing
10.Vomiting Christ

Release Date: 2000


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