EditSorrow Galaxies (LP)
1. Cosmic Seeds of Anger & Dementia
2. The Coffin of Lost Innocence
3. Cesium Syndrome 86
4. Acceptance of My Decay

Release Date: 2007
EditRattenkonig (LP)
1. That Night When I Died
2. Testimony of a Sick Brain
3. The Bitter Taste of Emotional Void
4. Black Coma
5. The Pact (The Eye of the Jackal)
6. The Ecstatic Spiral to Hell
7. I, Satan's Carrion
8. Rattenk├Ânig

Release Date: 2005
EditMajestas Leprosus (LP)
1. Introducing the Plague
2. Tormenting My Nights
3. Destroy Your Life for Satan
4. Bitterness Bloodred
5. Majestas Leprosus
6. Beyond the Decay of Time and Flies
7. The Ugliness Inside
8. If Those Walls Could Speak
9. Words of Evil

Release Date: 2003
EditBlack Millenium (Grimly Reborn) (LP)
1. The Eggs of Melancholy
2. New False Prophet
3. The Hanged Priest
4. Inferi ira ductus
5. Curse My Funeral
6. A Dream
7. Black Millenium
8. No Mercy for Humans
9. Black as Lead and Death
10. Outro

Release Date: 2001
EditRemains Of A Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul (LP)
1. Suffer The Gestalt 03:28
2. To The Memory Of The Dark Countess 06:33
3. Possessed And Immortal 07:26
4. Through The Funeral Maelstrom Of Evil 08:39
5. Travels To Sadness, Hate & Depression 07:54
6. The Fear That Freeze 03:50
7. Holocaust In Mourning Dawn 05:15

Release Date: 1999
EditVampires of Black Imperial Blood (LP)
1. Magical Shadows Of A Tragic Past
2. Born Under The Master's Spell
3. Ravens Of My Funeral
4. Black Imperial Blood
5. Eternal Empire Of Majesty Death
6. Transylvania
7. Under Ardailles Night
8. Tears Of A Melancholic Vampire

Release Date: 1995
EditHail Satanas We Are The Black Legions (EP)
1.Desecrate Jesus Name
2.Rememberance of My Past Battles and Times
3.Black Wind of War

Release Date: 1994
EditCeremony of Black Cult (EP)
1. Intro
2. Desecrate Jesus' Name
3. As the Night Falls
4. Sorcerer's Land
5. Under the Fullmoon

Release Date: 1993
EditRites Through the Twilight of Hell (EP)
1. Millenium Af A New Kingdom
2. Born In Malediction
3. Black Wind Of War
4. Cursed By The Inquisition
5. Under The Fullmoon
6. Blasphemous Suicide
7. Sorcer's Land

Release Date: 1992


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