EditWhatever's On Your Mind (LP)
1. Options
2. I Will Take You There
3. Whatever's On Your Mind
4. Just As Lost As You
5. The Place and the People
6. Our Goodbye
7. Song In My Heart
8. Equalize
9. That Wolf
10. X-Rays

Release Date: 2011
EditA New Tide (LP)
1. Mix
2. Little Pieces
3. If I Ask You Nicely
4. Lost Track
5. Win Park Slope
6. Bone Tired
7. Airstream Driver
8. Natural Reaction
9. Very Strange
10. Other Plans
11. Sunset Gates

Release Date: 2009
EditFive Men in a Hut: Singles 1998-2004 (LP)
1 Whippin' Piccadilly [Turbo Verson)2 Best in the Town
3 Catch Me Up [Edit]
4 Ping One Down
5 Tanglin'
6 Bring It On [Radio Edit]
7 Champagne for Monkeys
9 Step Inside
10 Blind

Release Date: 2006
EditHow We Operate (LP)
1. Notice
2. See the World
3. How We Operate
4. Hamoa Beach
5. Girlshapedlovedrug
6. Chasing Ghosts with Alcohol
7. Tear Your Love Apart
8. Charley Patton Songs
9. Woman! Man!
10. All Too Much
11. Cry on Demand
12. Don't Make Me Laugh

Release Date: 2006
EditSplit The Difference (LP)
1. Do One
2. These 3 Sins
3. Silence
4. Me You And Everybody
5. Don't Know Where We're Going
6. Sweet Virginia
7. Catch Me Up
8. Where Ya Going
9. Meet Me In The City
10. Chicken Out
11. Extra Special Guy
12. Nothing Is Wrong
13. There It Was

Release Date: 2004
EditIn Our Gun (LP)
01.Shot Shot
02.Rex Kramer
03.Detroit Swing 66
04.In Our Gun
05.Even Song
06.Ruff Stuff
07.Sound of Sounds
08.Army Dub
09.Miles End
10.Ping One Down
11.1000 Times
13.Ballad of Nice & Easy

Release Date: 2002
EditLiquid Skin (LP)
1. Hangover
2. Revolutionary Kind
3. Bring It On
4. Blue Moon Rising
5. Las Vegas Dealer
6. We Haven't Turned Around
7. Fill My Cup
8. Rhythm & Blues Alibi
9. Rosalita
10. California
11. Devil Will Ride

Release Date: 1999
EditBring It On (LP)
1. "Get Miles" – 5:15
2. "Whippin' Piccadilly" – 3:12
3. "Make No Sound" – 3:26
4. "78 Stone Wobble" – 4:22
5. "Tijuana Lady" – 7:08
6. "Here Comes the Breeze" – 5:29
7. "Love Is Better Than a Warm Trombone" – 3:29
8. "Get Myself Arrested" – 4:03
9. "Free to Run" – 4:31
10. "Bubble Gum Years" – 3:20
11. "Rie's Wagon" – 9:07
12. "The Comeback" – 0:44

Release Date: 1998
EditOther (LP)
I was just a wee child at the time; but the
story of Britpop, especially in the U.K, is
inescapable. NME regales its young readers
with tales of a “Cool Britannica”, when
everyone in the country was buying album
after album of cocksure, totally English,
feel good rock and pop. Every song on the
radio was relevant to Britain and being
British, with regional accents galore and
lyrics that just resonated with the U.K
working (and wannabe working, think “Common
People”) classes. It was like an English
summer, with Brits out frenzied to make the
most of a good thing, and just like an
English summer, it soon faded out into a
drizzly Autumn of Travis, Coldplay and Snow
Patrol, or so the story goes.

If this was true though, Bring It On
rightfully should be held as the soundtrack
to the end of an era. On this, their debut,
Gomez has produced an exquisite record for
the collective English comedown from the
dizzying party of the 1990’s.

Gomez soothes their listeners with a quirky,
stoned gumbo of rustic Americana and soulful
blues, with a defiant and potent twist of
British indie.
The stand-out quality of their sound has to
be the rich, bluesy texture of their
instrumentation and harmonies. The breadth of
their sound is staggering, as Gomez channel
New Orleans through their use of organs, slow
distorted guitars, trombones and a top notch
rhythm section that skips to a jazzy beat.
Seasoning this potent brew are fleeting
dabbles of digitally manipulated vocals,
samples and oddball synth. There is no lead
singer; instead the soulful growl of Ben
Ottewell is interwoven with his band mates’
gentle, restrained harmonies. Think of fellow
northerner bluesman Eric Burdon, of The
Animals fame, only instead of drunk on just
whisky, also red-eyed from long, skinny

This cocktail wouldn’t count for jack though
if it wasn’t for the sheer musicianship. Each
musician plays from the gut in perfect
balance with the rest of the band, when Gomez
crescendo no individual has taken the lead,
instead the group has reached a collective

Thematically though Bring It On is a
thoroughbred Brit-indie album. The regional
accents are there, as are the name checked
places and that unique brand of melancholy we
English have moping in our blood. And as far
as being relatable to the Britpop audience,
this albums lyrics are steeped in drugs
imagery. From “dealers that only grow for me”
to “not enough hours in a trip” Gomez sing of
highs gone by and good-times to come.

The whole album evokes a small Uni dorm-room,
brimming with sweaty, gurning music
afficiandos, coming down from an epic high,
air heavy with marijuana smoke, lit only by
iTunes (truly excellent) visualiser. And if
that’s an appealing image to you, most
definitely check out this severely underrated

Release Date: 1998


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