Stuck Lucky

EditTheir Them (LP)
1. Darker By Dusk
2. Mortality (I Confess)
3. Come As You Like
4. Blood of Snakes
5. Pug In to Connect
6. Childhood's End
7. Bugs
8. Their Them
9. Industry City

Release Date: 12/12/2012
EditDry Drowning (EP)
1. Dry Drowning
2. Cat (Personal Stalkers)
3. Tag, You're It
4. Plug-In to Connect

Release Date: 2010
EditPossom Soul (LP)
1. …and I Broke a Possom’s Heart
2. Eternity So Bright, Gotta Wear Shades
3. If You Are What You Eat, Then I’ll Be You
By Tomorrow
4. Paint These Walls
5. D…D…D…Devastation
6. Officer Down
7. Deep Black Hole (Pt. 1)
8. You Are the Lightning In My Thunderstorm
9. Deep Black Hole (Pt.2)
10. Unicorn Family Picnic
11. One Day I Won’t Wake Up (and That Would
Be Just Fine)
12. Babies in The River
13. Flight of the Taco Monster
14.The Flies / Wake Up and Thrash
15. Dance of a Thousand Switchblades

Release Date: 2009
EditHate the Light of Day (LP)
1. Intro
2. Fall of Rome
3. What You Do
4. El Vampiro
5. RFF
6. Someone Just Like You
7. Adore Admit Admire
8. In Case You Come Home
9. Skankin' With a Handgun
*(Untitled song)
10. In Purgatory
11. We Really Don't Care
12. Muy Loco
13. Song for the Underling
*Bonus live track

Release Date: 2006


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