Johnny Dowd

EditNo Regrets (LP)
1. Betty
2. Emily / Meryl
3. Billie
4. Sherry
5. Miranda
6. Susan
7. Rita
8. Jaunita / Rita
9. Nancy
10. Ella
11. Abigail
12. Linda
13. Candy

Release Date: 04/02/2012
EditWake Up the Snakes (LP)
1. Yolanda
2. Lies
3. Howling Wolf Blues
4. Babylon, PA
5. Hello Happiness
6. Swamp Woman
7. Me and Mary Lou
8. Time
9. Words of Love
10. Demons and Goats
11. Fat Joey Brown
12. Voices
13. Organ Grinder

Release Date: 2010
EditA Drunkard's Masterpiece (LP)
1 Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, But
Nobody Wants to Die 0:09
2 Danger / Blind Painter Paints Black
3 Random Thoughts 6:53
4 Off Broadway 3:38
5 Unintended Consequences 4:00
6 Infidelity / Gargon vs. the Unicorn
7 Putting Lipstick on a Pig
8 C'est la vie 3:16
9 Johnny's Got the Mic 4:04
10 Easy Money 7:14
11 Union of Idiots 3:56
12 Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's
Ass 0:08
13 Caboose 5:34
14 Adultress 6:43
15 Things a Woman Needs 4:08
16 Maybe Brazil 5:42
17 Coda 1:31

Release Date: 2008
EditCruel Words (LP)
1. House of Pain
2. Miracles Never Happen
3. Praise God
4. Unwed Mother
5. Cradle of Lies
6. Ding Dong
7. Final Encore
8. Wilder Than the Wind '66
9. Drunk
10. Poverty House
11. Corner Laundromat
12. Anxiety
13. World of Him
14. Johnny B. Goode

Release Date: 2006
EditCemetary Shoes (LP)
1. Brother Jim
2. Garden of Delight
3. Whisper in a Nag's Ear
4. Rest in Peace
5. Wedding Dress
6. Shipwreck
7. Dear John Letter
8. Easter Sunday
9. Christmas Is Just Another Day
10. Dylan's Coat
11. Rip Off

Release Date: 2004
EditThe Pawnbrokers' Wife (LP)
1-I Love You
2-Rose Tattoo
3-Monkey Run
4-On Shakey Ground We Stand
5-Billy Blu
6-Virginia Beach
7-Judgment Day
8-Jingle Bells
9-Separate Beds
10-Sweeter Than Honey
11-King Of Emptiness
12-Woody Guthrie Blues
13-True Love
14-Sleeping In The Grass

Release Date: 2002
EditWrong Side Of Memphis (LP)
2-Papa, Oh, Papa
3-Ft. Worth, Texas
4-One Way
5-Just Like A Dog
6-Average Guy
7-Ballad Of Frank And Jesse James
8-Idle Conversation
9-Wages Of Sin
10-John Deere Yeller
11-Thanksgiving Day
12-Heavenly Feast
13-First There Was
14-i Don't Exist
15-Welcome Jesus

Release Date: 2001
EditTemporary Shelter (LP)
1-Vengeance Is Mine
2-Big Wave
3-Cradle To The Grave
4-Golden Rule
5-Hell Or High Water
7-Angel Eyes
8-Sky Above, Mud Below
9-Stumble And Fall
10-Lost Avenue
11-Death Comes Knocking

Release Date: 2001
EditPictures from Life's Other Side (LP)
1-A Picture from Life's Other Side
2-Worried Mind
3-Ballad of Lonnie Wolf
4-Hope You Don't Mind
5-God Created Woman
6-Blood Evidence
7-The Girl Who Made Me Sick
8-Greasy Hands
10-Just Because
11-No Woman's Flesh But Hers
12-Bad Memories
13-Mystery Woman
14-Butcher's Son
15-Wish I'd Been Honest

Release Date: 1999


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