Group X

EditStepping on the Crowtche owf Your President (LP)
1. Good Girl Yes, Bad Girl No
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Idioth
4. Rollerskaite Date
5. Pyussycathe Ho
6. Peanuts (Toot Toot)
7. Cheese
8. White Chocolate & Group X
9. Strawberry Short Song
10. You Would Give Me Kiss If
If I Were On Soccer Team
11. Trickshoth
12. Too Many Guys
13. Mario Twins
14. (france)
15. Jonny Poopoopants
16. Sehventain Year-es
17. Down't Touch That
(I Demand)
18. Pay For Your Gas Or Lose
Your ID

Release Date: 2004
Edit40 oz. Slushie (LP)
1. You Would Give Me Kiss If I Were On Soccer Team
2. Peanuts (Toot Toot)
3. Rollerskate Date
4. Johnny Poopoopants
5. Oh Good God!
6. Don't Touch That
7. White Chocolate & Group X
8. Strawberry Short Song
9. Too Many Guys
10. Dat Cereal Bawx
11. Schfifty-Five
12. Bang Bang Bang
13. Mario Twins
14. Good Girl Yais, Bad Girl No

Release Date: 1999


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