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EditHell Comes To Your Heart (LP)
1. Dead Silence
2. The Way I Let You Down
3. Burn The Bridge
4. Won't Let Go
5. Like The Sky
6. This Isn't Love
7. The Dirt Beneath
8. Hang 'em High
9. Central Nervous System High School
10. Smashed Apart
11. Night Calls
12. The Last Train

Release Date: 07/03/2012
EditDead Planet (LP)
1. "Basket Case"
2. "I Never Sleep"
3. "All The Way Down"
4. "She Only Owns You"
5. "Lie Detector"
6. "Mental Hell"
7. "All Systems Go"
8. "Like A Bomb"
9. "So High"
10. "SonicSlowMotionTrails"
11. "Take Me Away"
12. "Life Of Sin"
13. "Paper Thin"
14. "Sam Hall"
15. "There She Goes Again"
16. "Bloody Hammer"
17. "Sleep The Lie Away"

Release Date: 2007
EditA Drug Problem That Never Existed (LP)
1. meth I hear you callin'
2. here we come
3. so high, so low
4. do the headright
5. open up and bleed for me
6. all I can do
7. F.Y.I'm free
8. detroit
9. me and you
10. like you want
11. girl's like christ
12. day I die
13. jr. high love
14. four corners

Release Date: 2003
EditCocaine Rodeo (LP)
"13th Floor"
"Uncle Tommy"
"Miss Mary Gets A Boob Job"
"Unless I Can Kill"
"Simple Exploding Man (Extended Version)"
"I Want You To Die"
"Dead Insects"
"Cocaine Rodeo"

Release Date: 2000


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