Reba McEntire

EditAll The Women I Am (LP)

Release Date: 2010
EditRoom to Breathe (LP)
1. Secret
2. If I Had Any Sense Left at All
3. My Sister
4. Once You've Learned to be Lonely
5. Moving Oleta
6. Love Revival
7. He Gets That From Me
8. I'm Gonna Take That Mountain
9. Room to Breathe
10. Sky Full of Angels
11. Somebody
12. It Just Has to be This Way

Release Date: 2003
EditSo Good Together (LP)
1. We're So Good Together
2. 'Til I Said It to You
3. I'll Be
4. What Do You Say
5. Roses
6. I'm Not Your Girl
7. She Wasn't Good Enough For Him
8. Nobody Dies From a Broken Heart
9. Back Before the War
10. When You're Not Trying To
11. Where You End and I Begin
12. We're All Alone

Release Date: 1999
EditIf You See Him (LP)
1. If You See Him, If You See Her
2. One Honest Heart
3. I Wouldn't Know
4. I'll Give You Something to Miss
5. Invisible
6. Up and Flying
7. Forever Love
8. Face to Face
9. Heart Hush
10. Lonely Alone
11. Wrong Night
12. All This Time

Release Date: 1998
EditWhat If It's You (LP)
1. How Was I to Know
2. The Fear of Being Alone
3. What If It's You
4. I'd Rather Ride Around With You
5. It Don't Matter
6. State of Grace
7. Close to Crazy
8. She's Callin' It Love
9. Just Looking For Him
10. Never Had a Reason To

Release Date: 1996
EditStarting Over (LP)
1. Talking in Your Sleep
2. Please Come to Boston
3. On My Own
4. I Won't Mention It Again
5. You're No Good
6. Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands
7. 500 Miles Away From Home
8. Starting Over Again
9. You Keep Me Hangin' On
10. By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Release Date: 1995
EditRead My Mind (LP)
1. Everything That You Want
2. Read My Mind
3. I Won't Stand in Line
4. I Wish That I Could Tell You
5. She Thinks His Name Was John
6. Why Haven't I Heard From You?
7. And Still
8. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
9. I Wouldn't Wanna Be You
10. Till You Love Me

Release Date: 1994
EditIt's Your Call (LP)
1. It's Your Call
2. Straight From You
3. Take It Back
4. Baby's Gone Blues
5. The Heart Won't Lie
6. One Last Good Hand
7. He Wants to Get Married
8. For Herself
9. Will He Ever Go Away
10. Lighter Shade of Blue

Release Date: 1992
EditFor My Broken Heart (LP)
1. For My Broken Heart
2. Is There Life Out There?
3. Bobby
4. He's in Dallas
5. All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)
6. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
7. Buying Her Roses
8. The Greatest Man I Never Knew
9. I Wouldn't Go That Far
10. If I Had Only Known

Release Date: 1991
EditRumor Has It (LP)
1. Climb That Mountain High
2. Rumor Has It
3. Waitin' For the Deal to Go Down
4. You Lie
5. Now You Tell Me
6. Fancy
7. Fallin' Out of Love
8. This Picture
9. You Remember Me
10. That's All She Wrote

Release Date: 1990
EditSweet Sixteen (LP)
1. Cathy's Clown
2. 'Til Love Comes Again
3. It Always Rains on Sunday
4. Am I the Only One Who Cares?
5. Somebody Up There Likes Me
6. You Must Really Love Me
7. Say the Word
8. Little Girl
9. Walk On
10. A New Love

Release Date: 1989
EditReba (LP)
1. So, So, So Long
2. A Sunday Kind of Love
3. New Fool at an Old Game
4. You're the One I Dream About
5. Silly Me
6. Respect
7. Do Right By Me
8. I Know How He Feels
9. Wish I Were Only Lonely
10. Everytime You Touch Her

Release Date: 1988
EditThe Last One to Know (LP)
1. The Last One to Know
2. The Girl Who Has Everything
3. Just Across the Rio Grande
4. I Don't Want to Mention Any Names
5. Someone Else
6. What You Gonna Do About Me?
7. I Don't Want to be Alone
8. The Stairs
9. Love Will Find It's Way to You
10. I've Still Got the Love We Made

Release Date: 1987
EditWhoever's in New England (LP)
1. I Can't Stop Now
2. You Can Take the Wings Off Me
3. Whoever's in New England
4. I'll Believe It When I See It
5. I've Seen Better Days
6. Little Rock
7. If You Only Knew
8. One Thin Dime
9. Don't Touch Me There
10. To Make That Same Mistake Again

Release Date: 1986
EditMy Kind of Country (LP)
1. How Blue
2. That's What He Said
3. I Want to Hear it From You
4. It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You)
5. Somebody Should Leave
6. Everything But My Heart
7. Don't You Believe Him
8. Before I Met You
9. He's Only Everything
10. You've Got Me (Right Where You Want Me)

Release Date: 1986
EditWhat Am I Gonna Do About You (LP)
1. Why Not Tonight
2. What Am I Gonna Do About You?
3. Lookin' For a New Love Story
4. Take Me Back
5. My Mind Is On You
6. Let the Music (Lift You Up)
7. I Heard Her Cryin'
8. No Such Thing
9. One Promise Too Late
10. Till It Snows in Mexico

Release Date: 1986
EditReba Nell McEntire (LP)
1. I've Never Stopped Dreaming of You
2. Hold On
3. I Know I'll Have a Better Day Tomorrow
4. Don't Say Goodnight, Say Good Morning
5. Muddy Mississippi
6. It's Another Silent Night
7. Empty Arms
8. Love Is Never Easy
9. Waitin' For the Sun to Shine
10. Good Friends

Release Date: 1986
EditHave I Got a Deal For You (LP)
1. I'm in Love All Over
2. She's Single Again
3. Great Divide
4. Have I Got a Deal For You
5. Red Roses (Won't Work Now)
6. Only in My Mind
7. She's the One Loving You Now
8. Whose Heartache Is This Anyway
9. I Don't Need Nothin' You Ain't Got
10. Don't Forget Your Way Home

Release Date: 1985
EditJust a Little Love (LP)
1. Just a Little Love
2. Poison Sugar
3. I'm Gettin' Over You
4. You Are Always There For Me
5. Every Second Someone Breaks a Heart
6. Tell Me What's So Good About Goodbye
7. He Broke Your Memory Last Night
8. If Only
9. Congratulations
10. Silver Eagle

Release Date: 1984
EditBehind the Scene (LP)
1. Love Isn't Love ('Til You Give It Away)
2. Is It Really Love?
3. Reasons
4. Nickel Dreams
5. One Good Reason
6. You Really Better Love Me After This
7. There Ain't no Future in This
8. Why Do We Want (What We Know We Can't Have?)
9. I Sacrificed More Than You'll Ever Lose
10. Pins and Needles

Release Date: 1983
EditUnlimited (LP)
1. I'd Say You
2. Everything I'll Ever Own
3. What Do You Know About Heartache?
4. Out of the Blue
5. Over, Under and Around
6. I'm Not That Lonely Yet
7. Whoever's Watchin'
8. Old Man River (I've Come to Talk Again)
9. You're the First Time I've Thought About Leaving
10. Can't Even Get the Blues no More

Release Date: 1982
EditHeart to Heart (LP)
1. Indelibly Blue
2. Ease the Fever
3. There Ain't No Love
4. How Does It Feel to Be Free
5. Only You (And You Alone)
6. Today All Over Again
7. Gonna Love Ya (Till the Cows Come Home)
8. Who?
9. Small Two-Bedroom Starter
10. Love by Love

Release Date: 1981
EditFeel the Fire (LP)
1. (You Lift Me) Up to Heaven
2. Tears on My Pillow
3. I Don't Think Love Ought to be That Way
4. Long Distance Lover
5. If I Had It My Way
6. I Can See Forever in Your Eyes
7. A Poor Man's Roses (Or a Rich Man's Gold)
8. My Turn
9. Look at the One (Who's Been Lookin' at You)
10. Suddenly There's a Valley

Release Date: 1980
EditOut of a Dream (LP)
1. (I Still Long to Hold You) Now and Then
2. Daddy
3. Last Night, Ev'ry Night
4. Make Me Feel Like a Woman Wants to Feel
5. That Makes Two of Us
6. Sweet Dreams
7. I'm a Woman
8. Rain Fallin'
9. Runaway Heart
10. It's Gotta Be Love

Release Date: 1979
EditReba McEntire (LP)
1. Glad I Waited Just For You
2. One to One
3. Angel In Your Arms
4. I Don't Want to be a One Night Stand
5. I've Waited All My Life For You
6. I Was Glad to Give My Everything to You
7. Take Your Love Away
8. (There's Nothing Like the Love) Between a Woman and a Man
9. Why Can't He Be You?
10. Invitation to the Blues
11. Right Time of the Night

Release Date: 1977


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