EditAlterations from the Past (Compilation)
Disc 1:

1. Dismal Serfage
2. Insurrected Despair
3. Restraint Life
4. The Scars Remain
5. Alterations
6. Occurence Concealed
7. Persistence from Memorial Chasm
8. Pursuit of a Rising Necessity

Disc 2

1. Insurrected Despair
2. Inner Contrarities
3. Absurd Temptation
4. Killing Tendencies
5. Certain Death
6. Feast of Blood
7. Certain Death
8. Swing of the Axe (Possessed cover)
9. The Omen
10. Restraint Life
11. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover)

Release Date: 2014
EditThrough The Flesh To The Soul (LP)
2.Through The Flesh To The Soul
3.Writhe In Spit
4.On My Knees
5.Flick It On
6.Infatuated I Am (Speak To Me)
7.There Is No Savior
8.The Chemistry Of Restlessness
9.Under The Skin
10.Fire Cleanses All
11.Sand Between The Teeth

Release Date: 2003
EditDying to Live (LP)
1. Dying To Live
2. Kristendom
3. Shattered Self
4. King In A World Of Fools
5. Search
6. South Of No North
7. Living Is Ltd.
8. Astray
9. For A While
10. Hole

Release Date: 1995
EditEarly Years (Compilation)
1. Dismal Serfage
2. Insurrected Despair
3. Restraint Life
4. The Scars Remain
5. Alterations
6. Occurrence Concealed
7. The Persistence From Memorial Chasm
8. Pursuit Of A Rising Necessity
9. The Eternal War (ARTILLERY cover)
10. The Promise Of Agony (DARK ANGEL cover)
11. Outro

Release Date: 1994
EditWeave The Apocalypse (LP)
Through The Nether To The Sun
From My Skull It Rains
Desert Sands
Condition Critical
Breed Of Sin
Doomed To Be
Lost At Birth
Land Of Misery
The Afterbirth
Weave The Apocalypse

Release Date: 1993
EditExcursion Demise (LP)
1.Excursion Demise
2.(...To A Twisted Recess Of Mind)
3.Forsaken Ones
4.The Persistence From Memorial Chasm
5.Absurd Temptation
6.Schismatic Injective Therapy
7.Occurance Concealed
8.Beyond Insufferable Dormancy
9.Inner Contrarieties

Release Date: 1991
EditAlterations (EP)
1. Alterations
2. Occurence Concealed
3. The Persistence from Memorial Chasm
4. Pursuit of a Rising Necessity

Release Date: 1989


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