Joy Electric

EditDwarf Mountain Alphabet (LP)
1.And This No More
2.Whose Voice Will Not Be Heard
3.let the past go
4.Stark Obscurity
5.That Which Cannot Be Contained
6.Light Has Lost it’s Presence Here
7.Further Into light
8.Sing Once For Me
9.Sorry Shall Find You
10.Notes From A Chapter

Release Date: 12/04/2012
EditFavorites at Play (LP)
1. 1 2 3 4
2. Viva La Vida
3. I Miss You
4. Falling Slowly
5. When You Were Young
6. Somewhere Only We Know
7. It Ends Tonight
8. Decode
9. Say it Right

Release Date: 2009
EditGrandfather, The Cubist (LP)
. Victorian Institution/Father Winter Replies
2. Rudimentary Animation
3. Draw For Me, M.C. Escher
4. Four Gone Pierre (Or What Electricity Made)
5. The First Time I Loved Her It Was Here
6. I Recall The Telephone Booth
7. On Being Principally Utopian
8. Whether By Horse, Or Horseless
9. Only Copernicus
10. Prelude To Cubism
11. My Grandfather, The Cubist
12. Cubism Interlude

Release Date: 2008
EditThe Otherly Opus (LP)
1. The Otherly Opus
2. Frivolity And It's Necessities
3. Colours In Dutch
4. The Ushering In Of The Magical Era
5. Write Your Last Paragraph
6. The Memory Of Alpha
7. Red Will Dye These Snows Of Silver
8. (The Timbre Of) The Timber Colony
9. Ponderance Need Not Know
10. A Glass To Count All The Hours

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Ministry of Archers (LP)
1. A Family Of Archers
2. The Ministry Of Archers
3. Most Terrible Archer
4. Become As Murderers
5. A Hatchet, A Hatchet
6. Hornets Horns
7. Quite Quieter Than Spiders
8. Rickety Trickery
9. In Intricacies
10.Can You Refrain

Release Date: 2005
EditHello, Mannequin (LP)
1. Hello, Mannequin
2. Disloyalist Party
3. The Work Of Unknowns
4. The Singing Arc
5. Song For All Time
6. The Birth Of The Telegram, 1814
7. Who Are Friends?
8. Wolf In The Bend
9. From Mount Chorus
10. The Phonograph Plays, Part And Parcel
11. Nikola Tesla
12. Post Calendar
13. I Am A Pioneer
14. A Page Of Life

Release Date: 2004
EditTick Tock Treasury (LP)
1. The Tick Tock Treasury
2. Misfortune's Apprentice
3. (Play Each Note) By Metronome
4. Such As It Was
5. Saint Glockenspiel's Science Faire
6. The Chronometers Of Switzerland
7. (I Am) Made From The Wires
8. J.E. Picture Phone (Reflect You, I Connect You)
9. The Confectionary
10. (Design) The Blueprints For Joy
11. C Minor Miners
12. Tick Tock Goes The Melody

Release Date: 2003
EditThe White Songbook - Legacy, Vol. 1 (LP)
1. Chapter 1 - The White Songbook
2. Chapter 1 - The White Songbook: a) Shepherds Of The Northern Pasture
3. Chapter 1 - The White Songbook: b) And Without Help We Perish
4. Chapter 1 - The White Songbook: c) The Boy Who Never Forgot
5. Chapter 1 - The White Songbook: d) Unicornicopia
6. Chapter 2 - Hunter Green And Other Histories
7. Chapter 2 - Hunter Green And Other Histories: e) A New Pirate Traditional
8. Portraits Of An Era: We Are Rock
9. Portraits Of An Era: The Good Will Not Be Cloned Or Why Should The Christians Get All The Bad Music
10. Chapter 3 - As Children We Are Growing Younger
11. Chapter 3 - As Children We Are Growing Younger: h) Sing Once For Me
12. Chapter 3 - As Children We Are Growing Younger: i) The Heritage Bough
13. Chapter 4 - A Frog In The Pond
14. Chapter 4 - A Frog In The Pond: The Songbook Tells All

Release Date: 2001
EditThe Land Of Misfits EP (EP)
1. Mono Synth
2. The Cobbler
3. I'm Your Boy
4. Sugar Rush
5. The North Sea

Release Date: 1998
EditRobot Rock (LP)
1. Sugar Rush
2. Monosynth
3. I'm Your Boy
4. Joy Electric Land
5. Storybook Love
6. The Robot Beat (We're Back)
7. Forever is a Place
8. The Berry Patch
9. Strawberry Heart
10. (We Are) Taking Over

Release Date: 1997
EditOld Wives Tales EP (EP)
1. The Cobbler
2. And It Feels Like The Old Times
3. Burgunday Years (Remix)
4. Old Wives Tales
5. Marigoldeness
6. The Golden Age
7. Candycane Carriage (Lost In The Forest)
8. I Beam, You Beam (Remix)

Release Date: 1997
EditMelody (LP)
1. The Drum Machine Joy
2. The Electric Joy Toy Company
3. Candy Cane Carriage
4. Analogue Grand Diary
5. Every Boy And Girl Falls In Love
6. The Girl From Rosewood Lane
7. Sweet, Sweet Charity
8. The Melody Book
9. Life Guardian Twenty
10. In Love In Midsummer
11. Never Be A Star
12. Old At This Young
13. Of Stories And Love
14. Happiness and Life
15. Lilly Pad The Forest Our Home
16. Bee Hoping
17. The Dark Ages
18. Buttercup Fairy Jamboree

Release Date: 1996
EditWe Are The Music Makers (LP)
1. Burgundy Years
2. Old Castle Madrigal
3. The Harvestry Of Ghosts
4. Hansel (I Will Be Your Friend)
5. Christendom On White Horses
6. Pilgrimage (Lo, I Am With You Always)
7. The 100 Knighthood
8. May All Saints
9. The Road To Monarchy
10. I Beam, You Beam

Release Date: 1996


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