Pagan Rites

EditPreachers from Hell (EP)
1. Curse of Gods
2. King of Evil
3. Catholic Sodomy
4. Vengeance from Hell
5. Unhallowed Ground

Release Date: 2011
EditEmbrace the Torments of Hell (LP)
1. Int(r)o the Gates of Obscurity
2. Praise Hell Satan
3. The Horned Immortal
4. Die In Peace... Arise in Chaos
5. Baphometal
6. Dwelling... Down there
7. Tragedy of Christ
8. The Seal of Bapphomet
9. Unholy Divine (Bonus Track)

Release Date: 2010
EditHellcome Back from Hell (Live Album)
1. Up Thy Pagans/Pagan Rites
2. Desecration
3. Unholy Ancient War
4. Roar of the Antichrist
5. Arrival of the Beast
6. Pagan Metal
7. Return to the Lake of Fire
8. Curse from the Graves
9. Die Priest Die
10. Hell No Longer Awaits
11. Images of the Moon (Studio recording, Bonus track)
12. Hail Victory (Studio recording, Bonus track)
13. Heathen Land (Studio recording, Bonus track)
14. Domain of Frozen Souls (Studio recording, Bonus track)
15. Winter Grief (Studio recording, Bonus track)

Release Date: 2009
EditPagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ (LP)
1. Arrival of the Beast...666
2. Return of the Fire Lord
3. Unholy Ancient War
4. 7th Soul of Hell
5. Roar of the Anti-Christ
6. Summon the Power
7. Pagan Metal
8. Pain of Dagger
9. Curse from the Graves

Release Date: 2006
EditPagan Metal (EP)
1. Pagan Metal
2. Pain of Dagger
3. Curse from the Graves

Release Date: 2006
EditMark of the Devil (LP)
1. Up the Pagans
2. Die Priest Die
3. Blood on My Hand
4. Inferno
5. Return to the Lake of Fire
6. Pagan Rites
7. Mark of the Devil
8. Hell No Longer Awaits
9. Lord of Fire
10. Retriumph with Satan from Hell

Release Date: 2003
EditRites of the Pagan Warriors (Compilation)
1. Bloodlust and Devastation
2. Desecration
3. When Everything Is Gone
4. Live Like a Devil, Die Like a Devil
5. Darkest Rituals
6. Flames of the Third Antichrist
7. Sodomy in Heaven
8. Return to the Lake of Fire
9. Unholy Ancient War
10. The Day without Rebirth
11. 7th Soul of Hell
12. Under the Church
13. Crucified in Flames
14. Pagan Rites
15. Lord of Fire
16. Moonfog

Release Date: 2003
EditBloodlust and Devastation (EP)
1. Bloodlust and devastation
2. When everything is gone
3. Live like a devil, die like a devil
4. Satanic sadist
5. Desecration
6. King of the frozen domain
7. Darkest rituals

Release Date: 2000
EditPagan Rites (Compilation)
1. Frost
2. Lord of Fire
3. Crucified in Flames
4. Pagan Rites
5. Unholy Ancient War
6. Metal King
7. Images of the Moon
8. Return to the Lake of Fire
9. Hail Victory!
10. Heathen Land
11. Domain of the Frozen Souls
12. Land Beyond Our Dreams
13. Pagan Metal
14. Winter Grief
15. Once Upon a Time
16. Under the Church
17. Blood of My Enemies (Manowar cover)

Release Date: 1997


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