Robert Calvert

EditBlueprints from the Cellar (LP)
1.All the Machines Are Quiet (4:34)
2.Work Song (3:39)
3.Subterraneans (4:49)
4.Soweto (4:12)
5.Radio Egypt (5:41)
6.Over the Moon (5:15)
7.Hidden Persuasion (5:01)
8.Re-Wind (4:39)
9.Working Down a Diamond Mine (3:57)
10.Thanks to the Scientists (4:49)
11.I Hear Voices (3:19)
12.Acid Rain (4:37)
13.Fly on the Wall (3:25)
14.Standing on the Picket Line (3:14)
15.The Ra Ra Man (3:00)
16.Ned Ludd (3:05)
17.Marathon Man (3:46)

Release Date: 1992
EditTest Tube conceived (LP)
1.In Vitro Breed (4:24)
2.The Rah Rah Man (3:27)
3.Telekinesis (3:17)
4.I hear Voices (5:38)
5.Fanfare for the Perfect Race (3:53)
6.On Line (4:19)
7.Save them from the Scientists (3:35)
8.Fly on the Wall (3:58)
9.Thanks to the Scientists (5:22)
10.Test Tube conceived (4:21)

Release Date: 1986
EditHype:Songs of Tom Mahler (LP)
1.Over my Head (3:11)
2.Ambitious (3:37)
3.It's the Same (2:40)
4.Hanging out on the Seafront (3:46)
5.Sensitive (3:37)
6.Evil Rock (4:39)
7.We like to be frightened (2:58)
8.Teen Ballad of Deano (3:01)
9.Flight 105 (3:53)
10.The luminous green Glow of the Dials (3:51)
11.The Greenfly and the Rose (3:51)
12.Lord of the Hornets (3:55)

Release Date: 1981
EditLucky Leif and the Longships (LP)
1.Intro (0:17)
2.Ship of Fools (4:17)
3.The Lay of the Surfers (3:03)
4.Voyaging to Vinland (4:14)
5.The Making of Midgard (2:21)
6.Brave new World (3:58)
7.Magical Potion (3:06)
8.Moonshine in the Mountains (2:38)
9.Storm Chant of the Skraelings (4:52)
10.Volstead O Vodeo Do (4:13)
11.Phase locked Loop (1:56)
12.Ragna Rock (5:42)

Release Date: 1975
EditCaptain Lockheed and the Starfighters (LP)
1.Franz Joseff Strauss, Defence
Minister,reviews the Luftwaffe in 1958 (1:40)
2.The Aerospaceage Inferno (4:35)
3.Aircraft Salesman (A Door in the Foot)
4.The Widow Maker (2:42)
5.Two Test Pilots discuss the Starfighter's
Performance (0:41)
6.The Right Stuff (4:23)
7.Board Meeting (seen through a Contact lens)
8.The Song of the Greamlin (Part One) (3:21)
9.Ground Crew (Last Minute Reassembly before
Take Off) (3:17)
10.Hero with a Wing (3:20)
11.Ground Control to Pilot (0:52)
12.Ejection (3:35)
13.Interview (3:55)
14.I resign (0:27)
15.The Song of the Gremlin (Part Two) (3:10)
16.Bier Garten (0:38)
17.Catch a falling Starfighter (2:54)

Release Date: 1974


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