Save Us From The Archon

EditThereafter (LP)
1. I. I Don't Recall Our House Near The Ocean
2. Swallowed By Waves, Unable To Sleep When
3. Eventually, Unconsciously
4. You Know Everything Ends and Everyone Leaves.
5. (Elapse)
6. II. Only That House In My Conscience
7. Stays Caught Under Tides,
8. Awake and Regretful
9. Informed Of The Reality Left There In The After.

Release Date: 2014
EditSome Things We Carry, Always (EP)
1. if you understood me, the roots would have
2. you’ve drifted so far (an expanse behind)
3. brightness will bloom from the seeds that
you’ve sown
4. days lengthen without sunlight (if only in
my mind)
5. someday you’ll remember; I carried you,

Release Date: 03/11/2013
EditHow Terrible, The Undergrowths Jaws That Tangle. (LP)
1. 2b. (Diegetic) They Start Out That I’m In Here,
2. 1a. (Diegetic) But It’s Not Day Or Night.
3. 2a. Any Of Those Kids Wearing Pearl Earrings.
4. 3a. Take Care Of Yourself, And Be Careful.
5. 3b. So You Had A Dream About The Place.
6. 4a. (Silencia) From That Nice Little Hotel Downtown.
7. 4b. (Silencia) Then That Means We Should…
8. 4c. (Silencia) 1612 Havenhurst
9. 2c. To Get Rid Of This God-Awful Feeling.

Release Date: 03/28/2012


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