EditPossessed by Nocturnal Grimness (LP)
1. Dawn of Pessimism
2. My Last Breath
3. Twilight Sadness
4. When the Fog Crawls in the Graves
5. Possessed by Nocturnal Grimness
6. When the Shadow Brings Cold
7. Disarmed - The Purging

Release Date: 07/01/2013
EditCarpathian Nights (LP)
1. Acid Vision Of His Palace
2. Carpathian Nights
3. Dance Of Mephisto
4. Dead Black Funeral
5. In Black Death's Embrace
6. Offspring Of A Divine Orgy
7. Thy Infernal Majesty
8. 38 Xiliosta (38 Millimeter) * ADIEXODO cover

Release Date: 2011
EditWhere Solitude and Coldness Unite (EP)
1. Where Solitude and Coldness Unite
2. 38 Millimeter (Adiexodo cover)

Release Date: 2010
EditUnder the Sign of a Pagan Winter (LP)
1. Occult Possession
2. Lucifer's Dominion
3. The Night of Diabolical Shadows
4. Kingdom of Sodoma
5. Satanic Conspiracy
6. Under the Sigh of a Pagan Winter

Release Date: 2009


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