Get Set Go

EditHere Be Dragons (LP)
1. Congress of Impulses
2. Here Be Dragons
3. Volcanos
4. Barfly
5. Everybody's Working (Sing Along!)
6. Never Go Home
7. The Pursuit of the Perfect Song
8. Bizarro World
9. Katy, Oh Katy
10. Ready for War
11. My Neighbor's Dog
12. Like I Need Oxygen
13. Slay All Cyborgs

Release Date: 2014
EditThe Pleasure Of Being Sad (LP)
1. My Doppelgängers & Me
2. Invisible
3. Somedays
4. Day By Day
5. Miles & Miles Of Sand
6. A Prayer To Doctor Who
7. Goodbye California
8. Child Of God
9. In The Deep

Release Date: 2014
EditTumors. (LP)
1.Still the Music Plays
2.Dig You
3.King of Everything
4.Through & Through Wound
5.Do Your Worst
6.Quarter Past Four
7.Between Friends
8.Splash of Kerosee
9.She Don't Care About Anything
10.Cold Iron (Bring Back The Glow)
12.Goodbye Ghost

Release Date: 08/22/2013
EditWicked Hands (EP)
1.Kiss Me Like You Love Me
2.The Rain Is Here To Stay
3.So Over It
4.How To Survive
5.Don't You Fear (Pain)

Release Date: 01/01/2012
EditFury of Your Lonely Heart (LP)
1.Love Poem
2.Fury of Your Lonely Heart
3.Looking East
4.Lock Up Your Daughters
6.Stone of Suffering
7.I Cannot Breathe
8.We Will Be Stars
9.Hold On
10.My Very Old Bones
11.Flee The Sickness
12.Little Bird Lost
13.Stare At The Sun
14.Disappearing Dark

Release Date: 2011
EditLoose Tongues... (EP)
1.From A Little Room In Downtown
2.I Don't Want You Anymore
3.See The Blood Flow
5.Mary & The Truth

Release Date: 2011
EditSunshine, Joy & Happiness... (LP)
1.How Now
2.Gotta Getta Job
3.Hell On Earth
4.Please Destroy Me
5.Crazy Over You
6.You'll Look Beautiful as You Burn
7.I'll Come Around
8.Modern Age
9.Jesus Christ in Reverse
10.A Heat That Kills
11.The Trouble with Being Poor
12.Sunshine, Joy, and Happiness
13.This Song Is Not About You
14.Cannibalism Is the Cure
15.O' My Lord
16.Give Me Strength
17.The Great Indie-Rock Swindle

Release Date: 2008
EditSelling Out and Going Home (LP)
1.It's All Right
2.Sweet Little Kisses
3.I'll Be Your Heroin
4.I'm a Goner
5.It Must Be Love
6.The Law of Diminishing Returns
7.Tighten the Verses
8.Nothing Keeps Us Apart
9.You're Gonna Die Alone
10.Everybody Get Movin'
12.5th & Spring
13.Get What's Coming to You
14.Crime & Heresy
15.F__k You (I Want To)
16.You're the Infection
17.Nothing Turns Me On

Release Date: 2007
EditOrdinary World (LP)
1. Crying Shame – 3:55
2. Get Thru the Day – 3:16
3. One Hundred Locks – 3:22
4. Ordinary World – 4:56
5. I Hate Everyone – 3:33
6. Lift Me Up – 3:49
7. Murder by Millions – 3:12
8. Do Over – 3:17
9. In the Name of All That's Evil on the Earth – 3:10
10. Mean – 3:10
11. A Little More – 3:35
12. Won't Let Her Go – 4:22
13. Sleep – 3:41
14. So Sorry – 2:52
15. My Wasted Life – 3:41
16. Suicide – 3:35
17. The Old Ennui – 3:19
18. Stay Away – 3:49
19. So You're Gonna Die – 3:26
20. Die Motherf___er Die – 4:46
21. Music Makes Me Wanna Die – 6:00

Release Date: 2006
EditSo You've Ruined Your Life (LP)
2.Jesus Christ Wore Leather
3.Kiss the Girl
4.I Want You
5.One with the Numbers
6.Go to the Mattress
7.Girl Is Sleeping
8.Break Your Heart
9.VKFD (The Fire Truck Song)
10.Lonely World
12.She Goes Round
13.What I Love About You
14.Wait (Hidden Track)

Release Date: 2003


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