X (series)

EditX 2012 (Compilation)
1. Dark Horses (by Switchfoot)
2. Tonight (by tobymac)
3. Need (by Kutless)
4. Awake And Alive (by Skillet)
5. Children of the Light (by Lacrae)
6. Not Alone (by Family Force 5)
7. Your Love Is A Mystery (by Hawk Nelson)
8. Fighter (by Manafest)
9. Shook (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
10. Ignite (by Fireflight)
11. Dead Flowers (by Demon Hunter)
12. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (by Five Iron Frenzy)
13. Make A Move (by Icon For Hire)
14. Faceless (by Red)
15. Anthem of the Lonely (by Nine Lashes)
16. Feel It In Your Heart (by Abandon)
17. Last Train Home (by FM Static)
18. Make Me New (by Rhett Miller Band)
19. Full Court Mess (by Full Court Mess)
20. We're All Liars (by Sent By Ravens)

Release Date: 01/01/2012
EditX 2011 (Compilation)
1. Crazy Love (by Hawk Nelson)
2. My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go (by FM Static)
3. Take Over Me (by Sanctus Real)
4. We Were Made For You (by Aaron Gillespie)
5. Fix Me (by Emery)
6. Believe (by The Letter Black)
7. Driving Nails (by Demon Hunter)
8. The Sound (by Switchfoot)
9. Avalanche (by Manafest)
10. New Fire (by Sent by Ravens)
11. Hero (by Abandon)
12. Forward Motion (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
13. God Save The Foolish Kings (by House of Heroes)
14. No I Don't (by The Almost)
15. Remember Me (by Kutless)
16. In Division (by Underoath)

Release Date: 2011
EditX 2010 (Compilation)
1. Fire It Up (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
2. Dead Inside (by Skillet)
3. Again (by Flyleaf)
4. Hands (by The Almost)
5. Fight Inside (by Red)
6. Collapsing (Radio Edit) (by Demon Hunter)
7. Desperate (by Fireflight)
8. You Save Me (by Kutless)
9. Live Life Loud (by Hawk Nelson)
10. Take Me as I Am (by FM Static)
11. Hanging on By a Thread (by The Letter Black)
12. Meddler (by August Burns Red)
13. Let's Go (by KJ-52 (Featuring Trevor McNevan))
14. From the Inside Out (Hillsong United Cover) (by
Seventh Day Slumber)
15. Whatever It Takes (by Pillar)

Release Date: 2010
EditX 2009 (Compilation)
1. Ignition (by tobymac)
2. To Know That You're Alive (by Kutless)
3. Friend Like That (by Hawk Nelson)
4. The Flame in All of Us (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
5. Awakening (by Switchfoot)
6. We Need Each Other (by Sanctus Real)
7. Radiator (by Family Force 5)
8. Southern Weather (by The Almost)
9. Outrage (by Capital Lights)
10. The Smile, The Face (by Emery)
11. Hello Alone (by Anberlin)
12. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures (by Underoath)
13. Live Free or Let Me Die (by Skillet)
14. Surrender (by Seventh Day Slumber)
15. The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling on the Outside (by
FM Static)
16. Rock What You Got (by Superchic(k))
17. Sure Shot (by Run Kid Run)
18. The Difference (Bonus Track) (by Philmont)
19. Disaster (Bonus Track) (by Since October)

Release Date: 2009
EditX 2008 (Compilation)
1. Falls Apart (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
2. Boomin' (by tobymac)
3. Hotel Aquarium (by Falling Up)
4. Song for the Broken (by BarlowGirl)
5. Forgiven (by Relient K)
6. Say This Sooner (by The Almost)
7. Fully Alive (by Flyleaf)
8. I Love You to Death (by Family Force 5)
9. Hearts of the Innocent (by Kutless)
10. The Show (by Hawk Nelson)
11. Oh! Gravity (by Switchfoot)
12. Reaching (by Leeland)
13. Whispers in the Dark (by Skillet)
14. You're Ever So Inviting (by Underoath)
15. Breathe Into Me (by Red)
16. A Whisper and a Clamour (by Anberlin)
17. You're on Fire (by MxPx)

Release Date: 2008
EditX 2008 (New Rock Sampler) (Compilation)
1. Wake Up (Featuring Toby Morell) (by KJ-52(
2. Superstar (by Stephanie Smith)
3. Tomorrow (by Our Heart's Hero)
4. Madmen (by Wavorly)
5. Live Like We're Alive (by Nevertheless)
6. You Are (by Ruth)
7. Going Under (by This Beautiful Republic)
8. 14th and Knott (by A Dream Too Late)
9. An Epiphany (by The Send)
10. Evil (A Chorus of Resistance) (by Project 86)
11. History Erased (by Spoken)
12. Working Man (by Newworldson)
13. Play It Safe (by Dizmas)
14. Become Who You Are (by Mainstay)
15. The Party Song (by Emery)

Release Date: 2008
EditX 2007 (Compilation)
1. Flights (by Falling Up)
2. Go (by Newsboys)
3. Is Forever Enough? (by Hawk Nelson)
4. Awake (by Seventh Day Slumber)
5. Tonight (by Jeremy Camp)
6. Fly (by Sanctus Real)
7. Somewhere in the Sky (by Kutless)
8. Rebirthing (by Skillet)
9. Writing on the Walls (by Underoath)
10. Absolute (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
11. Blaze os Glory (by Audio Adrenaline)
12. The Next Big Thing (by FM Static)
13. Do Not Move (by David Crowder Band)
14. Undying (by Demon Hunter)
15. Studying Politics (by Emery)
16. Who I Am Hate Who I've Been (by Relient K)
17. Role Remodeling (by MxPx)
18. Becoming What You Believe (Bonus Track) (by Last
19. Open Wide (by Future of Forestry)
20. Invisible Hook (Bonus Track) (by House of Heroes)
21. We've Only Just Begun (Bonus Track) (by Run Kid Run)

Release Date: 2007
EditX Worship 2007 (Compilation)
1. Those Words Aren't Enough (by Relient K)
2. Everything That You Ever Wanted (by Hawk Nelson)
3. Eloquent (by Sanctus Real)
4. Now is the Time (by Delirious?)
5. All I Want (by Future of Forestry)
6. One Thousand Apologies (by Demon Hunter)
7. Contact (by Falling Up)
8. Obsession (by Starfield)
9. Our Happy Homes (by David Crowder Band)
10. Promise of a Lifetime (by Kutless)
11. Oceans from the Rain (by Seventh Day Slumber)
12. Cloud Cover (by This Beautiful Republic)
13. I Believe You (by The Fold)
14. Obsession (by Edision Glass)
15. The First Steps to Recovery (by Chasing Victory)
16. To Whom It Mat=y Concern (by Underoath)

Release Date: 2007
EditX 2006 (Compilation)
1. Shut Me Out (by Kutless)
2. The Slam (by tobymac (Featuring T-Bone))
3. Move (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
4. I So Hate Consequences (by Relient K)
5. Searching for a Savior (by Building 429)
6. Breathe (by Jeremy Camp)
7. I'm Not Alright (by Sanctus Real)
8. 5 Minutes of Fame (by BarlowGirl)
9. The One Thing I Have Left (by Hawk Nelson)
10. Moonlit (by Falling Up)
11. Falling to Pieces (by Third Day)
12. Wake Me (by Day of Fire)
13. One Thousand Apologies (by Demon Hunter)
14. It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
(by Underoath)
15. Run for Cover (Featuring Trevor McNevan) (by KJ-52(
16. Suddenly (by Superchic(k))
17. The Wait is Over (by Disciple)
18. Back to You (Bonus Track) (by Fighting Instinct)
19. Take Away (Bonus Track) (by Mainstay)
20. Already Over (Bonus Track) (by Red)

Release Date: 2006
EditX Worship 2006 (Compilation)
1. My Glorious (by Delirious?)
2. Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape (by
3. Spirit (by Switchfoot)
4. Breathe You In (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
5. I Am Understood? (by Relient K)
6. Everything About You (by Sanctus Real)
7. Release the Deep (by Telecast)
8. Finding Who We Are (by Kutless)
9. I Wait for the Lord (by Jeremy Camp)
10. Do Not Move (by David Crowder Band)
11. Redemption Passion Glory (by Dizmas)
12. Matthias Replaces Judas (by Showbread)
13. In the Burning (by Something Like Silas)
14. When All We Have Is Take (by Edison Glass)
15. Laid to Rest (by The Showdown)

Release Date: 2006
EditX 2004 (Compilation)
1. Savior (by Skillet)
2. Treason (by Kutless)
3. Phenomenon (Remix) (by tobymac)
4. Rawkfist (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
5. I Am Understood? (by Relient K)
6. Definitely Maybe (by FM Static)
7. Bring Me Down (by Pillar)
8. Rock On *Featuring Rob Beckley) (by KJ-52)
9. Worldwide: Two (by Audio Adrenaline)
10. Running Through My Mind (by Big Dismal)
11. Freedom to Feel (by John Rueben)
12. Landslide (by Seven Places)
13. Poor Man (by Plus One)
14. Hero (Red Pill Remix) (by Superchic(k))
15. Numb (Featuring Rob Beckley) (by Tait)
16. Stay (by Jeremy Camp)
17. Crash (by 12 Stones)
18. Livin' It (by The Cross Movement)

Release Date: 2004
EditX 2003 (Disc 1) (Compilation)
1. Get This Party Started (Radio Edit) (by tobymac)
2. Fireproof (by Pillar)
3. Superfly (by The O.C. Supertones)
4. Punk Rawk Show (by MxPx)
5. Friday Night (by Slick Shoes)
6. Bounce (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
7. So Bright (Stand Up) (Radio Edit) (by Superchic(k))
8. Speaking in Tongues (by The Elms)
9. Kamikaze (by Five Iron Frenzy)
10. To Live (by Justifide)
11. Nobody (by Cadet)
12. Nothing to Lose (by Sanctus Real)
13. I'm Not Backing Down (by Holland)
14. Baseline (by Bleach)
15. You Already Take Me There (by Switchfoot)
16. Readyfuels (Bonus Track) (by Anberlin)
17. Clear (Bonus Track) (by Watashi Wa)

Release Date: 2003
EditX 2003 (Disc 2) (Compilation)
1. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry
(by Relient K)
2. Summertime (by Audio Adrenaline)
3. Your Touch (by Kutless)
4. John Woo (by Newsboys)
5. The Sound (by Further Seems Forever)
6. Engage (by PAX217)
7. It's Goin' Down (by The Cross Movement)
8. Take My Life (by Jeremy Camp)
9. Lift Me Up (by The Benjamin Gate)
10. The Glorious Ones (by Tree63)
11. Spy (by Tait)
12. Fire (by Delirious?)
13. I Am (by Peace of Mind)
14. Kill Me, Heal Me (Radio Edit) (by Skillet)
15. Infected (by Demon Hunter)
16. Monday in Vegas (Bonus Track) (by Lucerin Blue)
17. Loved Ones (Bonus Track) (by Starflyer 59)

Release Date: 2003
EditX 2005 (Compilation)
1. More Than Useless (by Relient K)
2. Hypnotized (by Pillar)
3. Gone (by tobymac)
4. Break Me (by Seventh Day Slumber)
5. Exit Calyspan (alternative version) (by Falling Up)
6. Everyone Like Me (by Thousand Foot Krutch)
7. Lay Down My Pride (by Jeremy Camp)
8. Everything About You (by Sanctus Real)
9. It's Like Me (by Kutless)
10. Are You Real? (Featuring Jon Micah Sumrall) (by
11. Reinventing Your Exit (by Underoath)
12. Detainer (by Day of Fire)
13. Open Wounds (by Skillet)
14. Out of Control (by John Rueben)
15. California (by Hawk Nelson)
16. Bowling Ball (by Superchic(k))
17. Sooner or Later (by Switchfoot)
18. Even When (by Seven Places)
19. Let This One Stay (by Dizmas)
20. Apparitions of Melody (by Kids in the Way)
21. Serial Sleepers (by House of Heroes)

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