EditSuperfiction (LP)
1. Wicked World
2. What Happens Now
3. American Dream
4. The Break
5. Welcome 2 My World
6. Emily
7. Crossroads
8. Delivering The Saints
9. So Long June
10. The Park
11. Flight of the Superstar
12. The Ballad of the Nameless

Release Date: 2011
EditA Different Kind of Pain (LP)
1. Back Home
2. Feel It In Your Heart
3. The Calm That Killed the Storm
4. A Different Kind of Pain
5. Another Pill
6. Happens All the Time
7. When Heaven's Not Far Away
8. God's Song
9. When Angels Fly Away
10. Tell Me Why
11. Ocean

If you purchase the album from Best Buy, you will get "Check Please" as a bonus track. If you purchase the album from Circuit City, you will receive "Wasted Years (piano and strings version)" as a bonus track. If you purchase the album elsewhere, you will not receive a bonus track.

Release Date: 2005
EditPsi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (EP)
1. With My Mind
2. Came All the Way
3. Just Got Wicked (Chris Vrenna Remix)
4. Go Away (Chris Vrenna "Eye Socket" Remix)

Release Date: 2004
EditYear Of The Spider (LP)
1. Remedy
2. Suffocate
3. Cure My Tragedy (A Letter to God)
4. Stupid Girl
5. Don't Belong
6. Wasted Years
7. Whatever You Became
8. Sad/Happy
9. Rain Song
10. The Day Seattle Died
11. Change the World
12. Black Sunday
13. Kill The Music Industry
(14). Gone Away (hidden track)

Release Date: 2003
Edit13 Ways to Bleed On Stage (LP)
1. Just Got Wicked
2. She Said
3. No One
4. End of the World
5. Confession
6. It's All Good
7. Send in the Clowns
8. Same Drug
9. Anti-Love Song
10. Witch
11. Sick of Man
12. Outerspace
13. Bleed

Release Date: 2000
EditCold (LP)
1. Go Away
2. Give
3. Ugly
4. Everyone Dies
5. Strip Her Down
6. Insane
7. Goodbye Cruel World
8. Serial Killer
9. Superstar
10. The Switch
11. Makes Her Sick

Release Date: 1998


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