Creation Is Crucifixion

EditChild as Audience (EP)
1. Critical Art Ensemble Voiceover #1
2. Child Autonymous a.k.a. Shit on Your Providers
3. Critical Art Ensemble Voiceover #2
4. School Steals the Capacity for Autonymous Action a.k.a. Micro-Consuming Machines
5. Critical Art Ensemble Voiceover #3
6. Gameboy a.k.a. Where Technology and Anarchy Fuck
7. Critical Art Ensemble Voiceover #4

Release Date: 2001
EditRerecorded Tracks From the Vinyl Splits (Compilation)
1. Subversion as a Tactical Metaphor a.k.a. Species Traitor a.k.a. Technology Is Our Iron Lung
2. The Allegory of the Algorithm (Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mimesis)
3. The Iconography of John Henry a.k.a. Eliza Was a Program

Release Date: 2001
EditAutomata (LP)
1. Ai Tech 1.0
2. Predator-Prey
3. Avatar
4. Emergence (Through the Cables)
5. Ai Tech 2.0
6. Simulated Evolution
7. Modeling the Fossil Evidence
8. Ai Tech 3.0
9. Gutter Tech (mutation Engine)
10. Metaman

Release Date: 1999
EditIn_Silico (LP)
1. Turing Test
2. The Perfection of Suicide Is in It's Ambiguity
3. In_Silico
4. The Data Body
5. Automata I
6. Descent from Heaven
7. How to Reinvent the Wheel
8. Burn the Churches - A Manifesto
9. For Debord - As a Spectacle of Screams
10. Bottom Feeder (An Anthem for the Luddites)
11. Automata II
12. Confessions of a Soothsayer
13. Primordial Life
14. The Cyborg Handbook
15. In Response to Multiculturalism
16. Perceptions of a Binary Meta-psyche
17. Death to Art (An Utopian Manifesto)
18. I'll Sleep Under the Ground
19. Van Neumann's Dead

Release Date: 1998
EditAntenna Builder (LP)
1. Antenna Builder Part 1
2. Antenna Builder Part 2

Release Date: 1998


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