Wishbone Ash

EditBlue Horizon (LP)
1. Take It Back
2. Deep Blues
3. Strange (How Things Come back Around)
4. Being One
5. Way Down South
6. Tally Ho!
7. Mary Jane
8. American Century
9. Blue Horizon
10. All There Is To Say

Release Date: 2014
EditElegant Stealth (LP)
1. Reason To Believe
2. Warm Tears
3. Man With No Name
4. Can't Go It Alone
5. Give It Up
6. Searching For Satellites
7. Heavy Weather
8. Mud-Slick
9. Big Issues
10. Migrant Worker
11. Invisible Thread

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Power of Eternity (LP)
1."The Power" - 5:48
2."Driving a Wedge" - 4:24
3."In Crisis" - 6:35
4."Dancing with the Shadows" - 5:55
5."Happiness" - 4:24
6."Northern Lights" - 3:05
7."Your Indulgence" - 3:30
8."Growing Up" - 4:38
9."Disappearing" - 5:14
10."Hope Springs Eternal" - 5:55

Release Date: 2007
EditFirst Light (Compilation)
1."Lady Whiskey" – 3:11
2."Roads Of Day To Day" – 5:51
3."Blind Eye" – 3:35
4."Joshua" – 2:13
5."Queen Of Torture" – 3:09
6."Alone (with vocals)" – 3:09
7."Handy" – 12:41
8."Errors Of My Way" – 6:24

Release Date: 2007
EditClan Destiny (LP)
1.Eyes Wide Open
2.Dreams Outta Dust
3.Healing Ground
4.Steam Town
5.Loose Change
6.Surfing a Slow Wave
7.Slime Time
8.Capture The Moment
9.Your Dog
10.The Raven
11.Motherless Child

Release Date: 2006
EditBona Fide (LP)
1."Almighty Blues" (Ben Granfelt) – 5:24
2."Enigma" (Andy Powell) – 4:10
3."Faith, Hope and Love" (Granfelt, Powell) – 5:55
4."Ancient Remedy" (Powell, Schwartz) – 4:48
5."Changing Tracks" (Granfelt, Harris, Powell) – 4:18
6."Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda" (Powell) – 4:00
7."Bona Fide" (Granfelt) – 3:08
8."Difference in Time" (Granfelt, Powell) – 4:30
9."Come Rain, Come Shine" (Granfelt, Powell) – 6:09
10."Peace" (Granfelt) – 3:49

Release Date: 2002
EditBare Bones (Compilation)
1."Wings of Desire"
2."Errors of my Way"
3."Master of Disguise"
4."You Won't Take Me Down"
5."Love Abuse"
6."One More Chance"
7."Baby Don't Mind"
8."Living Proof"
9."Hard Times"
10."Strange Affair"
11."Everybody Needs a Friend"

Release Date: 1999
EditTrance Visionary (LP)
2.Wonderful Stash
5.Powerbright (Black & White Screen)
6.Remnants of a Paranormal Menagerie
7.Narcissus Nervosa
8.Trance Visionary
10.Banner Headlines
11.The Loner
12.Powerbright Volition
14.Wronged by Righteousness

Release Date: 1997
EditPyschic Terrorism (LP)
3."Narcissus Stash"
4."Sleep's Eternal Slave"
6."Breaking Out"
7."The Son of Righteousness"
8."Psychic Terrorism"
9."How Many Times?"
11."Back Page Muse"
12."Powerbright Conclusion"

Release Date: 1997
EditIlluminations (LP)
2."On Your Own"(Andy Powell/Roger Filgate/Ted Turner)
3."Top of the World"(Andy Powell/Roger Filgate/Tony Kishman)
4."No Joke"
5."Tales of the Wise"
6."Another Time"(Andy Powell/Roger Filgate/Tony Kishman)
7."A Thousand Years"(Roger Filgate/Tony Kishman)
8."The Ring"
9."Comfort Zone"
10."Mystery Man"(Roger Filgate)
11."Wait Out the Storm"(Andy Powell/Roger Filgate/Andy Pyle)

Release Date: 1996
EditStrange Affair (LP)
1."Strange Affair"
2."Wings of Desire"
4."Dream Train"
5."Some Conversation"
6."Say You Will"
9."Hard Times"
10."Standing In The Rain"

Release Date: 1991
EditHere to Hear (LP)
1."Cosmic Jazz"
2."Keeper of the Light"
3."Mental Radio"
4."Walk on Water"
5."Witness to Wonder"
6."Lost Cause in Paradise"
7."Why Don't We?"
8."In the Case"
9."Hole In My Heart, Pt. 1"
10."Hole In My Heart, Pt. 2"

Release Date: 1989
EditNouveau Calls (LP)
1."Tangible Evidence"
3."Flags of Convenience"
4."From Soho to Sunset"
6."In the Skin"
7."Something's Happening in Room 602"
8."Johnny Left Home Without It"
9."The Spirit Flies Free"
10."A Rose is a Rose"
11."Real Guitars Have Wings"
12."T-Bone Shuffle"

Release Date: 1987
EditRaw to the Bone (LP)
1."Cell of Fame"
2."People in Motion"
3."Don't Cry"
4."Love is Blue"
5."Long Live the Night"
6."Rocket in my Pocket"
7."It's Only Love"
8."Don't You Mess"
9."Dreams (Searching for an Answer)"
10."Perfect Timing"

Release Date: 1985
EditTwin Barrels Burning (LP)
1."Engine Overheat"
2."Can't Fight Love"
3."No More Lonely Nights"
4."Wind Up"
5."Streets of Shame"
6."My Guitar"
7."Hold On"
9."Angels Have Mercy"

Release Date: 1982
EditNumber the Brave (LP)
Side one
1."Loaded" (Laurie Wisefield/Steve Upton/Andy Powell)
2."Where Is the Love" (Upton/Wisefield/Powell)
3."Underground" (Powell/Wisefield/Upton)
4."Kicks on the Street" (Upton/Wisefield/Powell)
5."Open Road" (Upton/Wisefield/Powell)

[edit] Side two
1."Get Ready" (Smokey Robinson)
2."Rainstorm" (Wisefield/Upton/Powell)
3."That's That" (John Wetton)
4."Roller Coaster" (Wisefield/Powell/Upton)
5."Number the Brave" (Powell/Upton/Wisefield)

Release Date: 1981
EditJust Testing (LP)
Side one
1."Living Proof" (Laurie Wisefield/Claire Hamill)
2."Haunting Me"
4."Helpless" (Paul Kendrick)

[edit] Side two
1."Pay the Price"
2."New Rising Star"
3."Master of Disguise" (Andy Powell)
4."Lifeline" (Martin Turner/Andy Powell/Laurie Wisefield/Steve Upton)

Release Date: 1980
EditNo Smoke Without Fire (LP)
Side one

1."You See Red"
2."Baby the Angels Are Here" (Martin Turner)
3."Ships in the Sky"
4."Stand and Deliver"

[edit] Side two

1."Anger in Harmony" (Andy Powell/Laurie Wisefield/Martin Turner)
2."Like a Child" (Martin Turner)
3."The Way of the World (Part 1)"
4."The Way of the World (Part 2)"

Release Date: 1978
EditFront Page News (LP)
Side one

1."Front Page News"
2."Midnight Dancer"
3."Goodbye Baby Hello Friend" (Laurie Wisefield)
4."Surface to Air" (Martin Turner)
5."714" (Laurie Wisefield)

Side two

1."Come In from the Rain" (Martin Turner)
2."Right or Wrong" (Martin Turner)
3."Heart-Beat" (Martin Turner)
4."The Day I Found Your Love"
5."Diamond Jack"

Release Date: 1977
EditNew England (LP)
Side one

1."Mother of Pearl"
2."(In All of My Dreams) You Rescue Me"

Side two

1."Outward Bound"
3."When You Know Love"
4."Lonely Island"

Release Date: 1976
EditLocked In (LP)
1."Rest in Peace"
2."No Water in the Well"
4."She Was My Best Friend"
5."It Started in Heaven"
6."Half Past Lovin'"
7."Trust in You"
8."Say Goodbye"

Release Date: 1976
EditThere's the Rub (LP)
1. Silver Shoes
2. Don't Come Back
3. Persephone
4. Hometown
5. Lady Jay
6. F.U.B.B

Release Date: 1974
EditLive Dates (Live Album)
Disc 1
1. "The King Will Come" – 7:44
2. "Warrior" – 5:57
3. "Throw Down the Sword" – 6:08
4. "Rock 'n Roll Widow" – 6:08
5. "Ballad of the Beacon" – 5:22
6. "Baby What You Want Me to Do" – 7:48
7. "Phoenix" – 17:10

Disc 2
1. "The Pilgrim" – 9:14
2. "Blowin' Free" – 5:31
3. "Jail Bait" – 4:37
4. "Lady Whiskey" – 5:57
5. "Phoenix" – 17:23

Release Date: 1973
EditWishbone Four (LP)
1."So Many Things to Say"
2."Ballad of the Beacon"
3."No Easy Road"
4."Everybody Needs a Friend"
7."Sing Out the Song"
8."Rock 'n Roll Widow"

Release Date: 1973
EditLive from Memphis (Live Album)
Side one
1. "Jail Bait" - 4:57
2. "The Pilgrim" - 10:10

Side two
3. "Phoenix" - 17:05

Release Date: 1972
EditArgus (LP)
1. Time Was
2. Sometime World
3. Blowin' Free
4. The King Will Come
5. Leaf & Stream
6. Warrior
7. Throw Down The Sword

Release Date: 1972
EditPilgrimage (LP)
1. Vis Dis
2. The Pilgrim
3. Jail Bait
4. Alone
5. Lullaby
6. Valediction
7. Where Were You Tommorow

Release Date: 1971
EditWishbone Ash (LP)
1. Blind Eye
2. Lady Whiskey
3. Errors Of My Ways
4. Queen Of Torture
5. Handy
6. Pheonix

Release Date: 1970


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