EditWhere Greater Men Have Fallen (LP)
1. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
2. Babel's Tower
3. Come the Flood
4. The Seed of Tyrants
5. Ghosts of the Charnel House
6. The Alchemist's Head
7. Born to Night
8. Wield Lightning to Split the Sun

Release Date: 2014
EditRedemption at the Puritan's Hand (LP)
01. No Grave Deep Enough
02. Lain With The Wolf
03. Bloodied Yet Unbowed
04. God's Old Snake
05. The Mouth Of Judas
06. The Black Hundred
07. The Puritan's Hand
08. Death Of The Gods

Release Date: 2011
EditAll Empires Fall (Live Album)
Disc 1
1. Empire Falls
2. Fuil Arsa
3. Gallows Hymn
4. Sons Of The Morrigan
5. Cast To The Pyre
6. The Golden Spiral
7. As Rome Burns
8. The Coffin Ships
9. Traitors Gate
10. Journey's End
11. No Nation On This Earth
12. Gods To The Godless
13. Heathen Tribes
Disc 2
1. Empire Falls
2. Gallows Hymn
3. Sons Of The Morrigan
4. As Rome Burns
5. The Coffin Ships
6. Heathen Tribes
7. Gods To The Godless
8. The Coffin Ships
9. Gods To The Godless
10. Gallows Hymn
11. As Rome Burns
12. Heathen Tribes

Release Date: 2010
EditTo the Nameless Dead (LP)
1. Empire Falls
2. Gallows Hymn
3. As Rome Burns
4. Failures Burden
5. Heathen Tribes
6. The Rising Tide
7. Traitors Gate
8. No Nation On This Earth

Release Date: 2007
EditThe Gathering Wilderness (LP)
1. The Golden Spiral
2. The Gathering Wilderness
3. The Song of the Tomb
4. End of All Times (Martyrs Fire)
5. The Coffin Ships
6. Tragedy's Birth
7. Cities Carved In Stone

Release Date: 2005
EditStorm Before Calm (LP)
1.Heretics Age
2.Fallen To Ruin
3.Cast To The Pyre
4.What Sleeps Within
5.Suns First Rays
6.Sons Of The Morrigans
7.Hosting Of The Sidhe
8.Burning Season

Release Date: 2002
EditSpirit the Earth Aflame (LP)
1. Spirit the Earth Aflame
2. Gods to the Godless
3. The Soul Must Sleep
4. The Burning Season
5. Glorious Dawn
6. The Cruel Sea
7. Children of the Harvest
8. To Enter Pagan (Bonus Live Track)

Release Date: 2000
EditThe Burning Season (EP)
1. The Calling
2. Among the Lazarae
3. The Burning Season
4. And the Sun Set on Life Forever

Release Date: 1999
EditA Journey's End (LP)
1. Graven Idol
2. Dark Song
3. Autumns Ablaze
4. Journey's End
5. Solitary Mourner
6. Bitter Harvest
7. An Aistear Deirneach
8. And The Sun Set On Life Forever [Bonus Track]

Release Date: 1998
EditImrama (LP)
1.Fuil Arsa
2.Infernal Summer
3.Here I Am King
4.The Darkest Flame
5.The Fires...
7.Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
8.To The Ends Of The Earth
9.Beneath A Bronze Sky
10.Awaiting The Dawn
11.The Calling(Bonus Track)

Release Date: 1995


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