Billy Joe Shaver

EditLive at Billy Bob's Texas (Live Album)
1. Heart of Texas
2. Georgia on a Fast Train
3. Honky Tonk Heroes
4. That's What She Said Last Night
5. Black Rose
6. Wacko from Waco
7. Old Chunk of Coal
8. Star in My Heart
9. Live Forever
10. Hottest Thing in Town
11. Thunderbird
12. Gold Old USA
13. Ride Me Down Easy
14. Love Is so Sweet
15. I Couldn't Be Without You
16. The Git Go
17. Old Five and Dimers
18. You Asked Me To
19. Try and Try Again
20. You Can't Beat Jesus Christ
21. Wacko from Waco
22. The Git Go

Release Date: 07/17/2012
EditThe Earth Rolls On (LP)
1. Love Is So Sweet
2. Evergreen Fields
3. Hard Headed Heart
4. New York City Girl
5. Restless Wind
6. Sail Of My Soul
7. You're To Much For Me
8. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
9. Star In My Heart
10. It's Not Over Till It's Over
11. Hearts A Bustin'
12. Leavin' Amarillo
13. I Don't Seem To Fit Anywhere
14. The Earth Rolls On

Release Date: 2011
EditEverybody's Brother (LP)
1. Rolling Stone
2. Get Thee Behind Me Satan (feat. John Anderson)
3. When I Get My Wings
4. Most Precious
5. Winning Again (feat. Marty Stuart)
6. No Earthly Good (feat. Kris Kristofferson)
7. If You Don't Love Jesus
8. To Be Loved By a Woman
9. The Tough Get Going
10. The Greatest Man Alive
11. Played the Game Too Long (feat. Tanya Tucker)
12. You'll Always Be My Best Friend
13. Jesus Is the Only One That Loves Us (feat. John Anderson)
14. Everybody's Brother (feat. Bill Miller)
15. You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ (feat. Johnny Cash)

Release Date: 2007
EditHighway Of Life (LP)
1. Yesterday Tomorrow Was Today
2. West Texas Waltz
3. Highway Of Life
4. Tomorrow's Goodbye
5. Blue Blue Blues
6. Comin' On Spring
7. You're As Young As The Woman You Feel
8. Goodbye Yesterday
9. Moonshine & Indian Blood
10. Look For Me When You See Me Comin'
11. The First & Last Time

Release Date: 1996
EditTramp On Your Street (LP)
1. Heart Of Texas
2. Oklahoma Wind
3. Georgia On A Fast Train
4. Live Forever
5. If I Give My Soul
6. Tramp On Your Street
7. K.A.N.D., Corsicana, Texas
8. Good Ol' U.S.A.
9. The Hottest Thing In Town
10. When The Fallen Angels Fly
11. Take A Chance On Romance
12. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
13. I Want Some More/Tenntex Tear Down

Release Date: 1993
EditSalt Of The Earth (LP)
1. Sweet Mama
2. Hard Workin' Man
3. Manual Labor
4. Hill Country Love Song
5. You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ
6. The Devil Made Me Do It The First Time
7. Fun While It Lasted
8. Whiteman's Watermelon
9. Street Walkin' Woman
10. Good News Blues

Release Date: 1987
EditBilly Joe Shaver (LP)
1. Amtrack
2. Bottom Dollar
3. Old Five & Dimers Like Me
4. How Many Hearts Must You Break
5. Oklahoma Wind
6. Ride Me Down Easy
7. Tell Me Virginia
8. Lowdown Freedom
9. One Moving Part
10. I Been To Georgia On A Fast Train

Release Date: 1982
EditI'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (LP)
1. Fit To Kill & Going Out In Style
2. Blue Texas Waltz
3. Saturday Night
4. Ragged Old Truck
5. I'm Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
6. When The Word Was Thunderbird
7. (We Are) The Cowboys
8. Mexico
9. It Ain't Nothing New Babe
10. The Road

Release Date: 1981
EditWhen I Get My Wings (LP)
1 Texas Uphere Tennessee
2 The Good Lord Knows I Tried
3 Woman Is the Wonder of the World
4 When I Get My Wings
5 Ain't No God in Mexico
6 Love You Till the Cows Come Home
7 Ride Me Down Easy
8 When the Word Was Thunderbird
9 America You Are My Woman
10 A Restless Wind
11 Evergreen

Release Date: 1976
EditOld Five and Dimers Like Me (LP)

Release Date: 1973
EditFreedom's Child (LP)

Release Date:


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