EditThe Unearthly (LP)
1. The Sin Offering
2. The Confidence of Faith
3. Eshu
4. The Unearthly
5. Agens Mortis
6. Chant from the Unearthly Rites
7. Where the Sky Bleeds in Red
8. The Dove and the Crow
9. From Womb to Reborn
10. The Fire of Creation
11. Aisle to Everything

Release Date: 2014
EditBaptizing the East in Blood: Live at Voronezh (Live Album)
1. 7.62
2. Baptizing in Blood
3. Murder the Messiah
4. My Fault
5. Flagellum
6. Osmotic Haeresis
7. Revelations of Holy Lies
8. Orgy of Flies (Sarcófago cover)
9. Insurgency
10. Black Sun
11. Age of Chaos

Release Date: 05/11/2013
EditFlagellum Dei (LP)
1. 7.62
2. Baptized in Blood
3. Flagellum
4. Black Sun (Part I)
5. Osmotic Haeresis (Black Sun Part II)
6. My Fault
7. Eye for an Eye
8. Lord of All Battles
9. Limbus
10. Insurgency
11. Exterminata

Release Date: 2011
EditAge Of Chaos (LP)
1. Murder the Messiah
2. Rise the Scents of Death
3. Thrust the Flag of Sin
4. Commando XXI
5. Age of Chaos
6. Incarnation of Salvation
7. Lullaby for Lucifer
8. Anthems, Marchs and Warsongs
9. Revelations of Holy Lies
10. Orgy of Flies (Sarcófago cover)

Release Date: 2009
EditRevelations of Holy Lies...Live! (Live Album)
1. Opus Enial
2. Imminent Slaughter
3. Insurrection of Christianity
4. Days of Storm for Christian Souls
5. Catholocaust...
6. Revelations of Holy Lies
7. Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy
8. Denial: Your Baptism
9. The Eyes of the Ripper
10. Visions of a Dying World
11. Nemesis... Humanity Infame Existence

Release Date: 2008
EditUnmercyful Personalized Bestiality (EP)
1. Challenging the Heavens
2. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus
3. Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy
4. From the Heaven to the Thriumphant Kingdom on Earth
5. Embracement of Eternal Darkness
6. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (live)
7. War over the Promised Land... (live)
8. Bestial March’s...The Attack (live)
9. The Final Prophecy
10. Insurrection of Christianity
11. The Eyes of the Ripper

Release Date: 2007
EditBlack Metal Commando (LP)
1. Declaration Of War (Intro)
2. Catholocaust (War To The Catholicized)
3. Black Metal War Commando
4. Through War... Destruction Of Heavenly Corruption
5. Unearthly Warlord (Evil Force Attack)
6. War Over Promised Land... The Anihilation
7. Hino De Devoção Aos Deuses Da Guerra
8. Zyklon B (Second War Holocaust)
9. War Hate Disgrace (Destruction Is Iminent)
10. Unleashing Unholy War
11. Marching To War... To The Victory
12. Mors Et Destructio Sanctis Rebus (We Are The True War)

Release Date: 2003
EditInfernum: Prelude to a New Reign (LP)
1. Days of Storm for Christian Souls
2. Challenging The Heavens
3. Forbidden Carnal Desires
4. Zyklon B (Warlegion)
5. Living Under the Sign of Blasphemy
6. Embracement of Eternal Darkness
7. For the Glory of the Impure God
8. BDHE-Part 1: Infernum
9. BDHE-Part 2: Victory of the True Path
10. BDHE-Part 3: Prelude to a New Reign

Release Date: 2002


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