Open Mike Eagle

EditA Special Episode Of (EP)

Release Date: 2015
EditDark Comedy (LP)
1. Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light)
2. Qualifiers
3. Thirsty Ego Raps
4. Golden Age Raps
5. Very Much Money (Ice King Dream)
6. Doug Stamper (Advice Raps) (feat. Hannibal Buress)
7. Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn)
8. Idaho
9. Sadface Penance Raps
10. A History of Modern Dance
11. Deathmate Black
12. Informations feat. Kool A.D. (of Das Racist)
13. Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days off in Albuquerque)

Release Date: 2014
Edit (LP)

Release Date: 2014
01. Starz
03. Lesson 23
04. Black Clouds f. Megabusive & Finiki McGee
05. Universe Man f. Serengeti
06. Your Back Pack Past f. Has Lo
07. Debits (Eagle Journal)
08. 4NML (Korzybskis Lament)
09. The Financial Crisis The Wouldn’t Go Away
10. Bad News Brown (Gamin Journal) f. Matt Gamin
11. One Day
12. Free-Writing Exercise f. Nocando
13. DanceBill
14. Self Medication Chant
15. Cobra Commander (Kenny Segal Version) f. Danny Brown

Release Date: 06/26/2012
EditRappers Will Die of Natural Causes (LP)
01. The Processional (Funeral March)
[Produced by E.Super]
02. Nightmares [Produced by Willie Green]
03. No Body Nose [Produced by Loden]
04. NH2 (Grins & Lies) ft. Alpha MC [Produced
by Alpha MC]
05. Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes.
[Produced by E.Super]
06. Why Pianos Break ft. P.O.S. [Produced by
Taco Neck]
07. Rent Party Revolution [Produced by
08. Kings (Pay Attention) ft. VerBS & Real8
[Produced by Awkward]
09. Exiled from the Getalong Gang ft. MC Paul
Barman [Produced by The Kone]
10. Right Next to You (For the Neighbors)
[Produced by E.Super]
11. Dishes [Produced by Dak]
12. Bright Green Light [Produced by B-Bop]
13. Natural Causes Reprise [Produced by Open
Mike Eagle]
14. Old Member Reclamation [Produced by
E.Super / Produced by Egon Brainparts]

Release Date: 2011
EditUnapologetic Art Rap (LP)
01. Art Rap Party (Produced by Alwayz
02. Freak Flag (Produced by Adamatic)
03. I Rock (Produced by Exile)
04. Rap Protection Prayer (Produced by
05. Helicopter (Produced by Alwayz Prolific &
06. Mistakes ft. Alpha MC (Produced by Alwayz
07. WTF is Art Rap? (Produced by Alwayz
08. Unapologetic ft. Nocando (Produced by
09. Pissy Transmissions (Produced by Open
Mike Eagle)
10. Original Butterscotch Confection ft.
Busdriver (Produced by Maestroe)
11. Partly Cloudy (Produced by Alwayz
Prolific & Maestroe)
12. Easter Surgery ft. Serengeti & Jefferson
DeJesus (Produced by Kuest 1)
13. Garbage Man (Produced by Awkward)
14. Mole in Your Ministry (Produced by
15. Go Home ft. Swim Team (Produced by

Release Date: 2010


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