EditModern Times (LP)
Eului Yeonae (with Park Ju Won) (을의 연애; For the Love)
Nuguna Bimileun Issda (feat. Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls) (누구나 비밀은 있다; Everybody Has Secrets)
Ibsul Sai (50cm) (입술 사이; Between Lips)
Bunhongsin (분홍신; The Red Shoes)
Modern Times
Silheun Nal (싫은 날; Bad Day)
Aiya Narang Geodja (feat. Choi Baek Ho) (아이야 나랑 걷자; Walk With Me, Girl)
Uursigye (feat. Jong Hyun of SHINee) (우울시계; Gloomy Clock)
Hannajui Kkum (feat. Yang Hee Eun) (한낮의 꿈; Daydream)
Gidalyeo (기다려; Wait)
Voice Mail (Korean Ver.) (Bonus Track)
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Release Date: 10/08/2013
EditCan You Hear Me? (EP)
1. Beautiful Dancer
2. Truth
3. Fairytale
4. Voice-mail
5. New World
6. The Age Of The Cathedrals (Limited Edition Only)

Release Date: 03/20/2013
EditLast Fantasy (LP)
1. Secret (비밀)
2. Sleeping Prince (잠자는 숲 속의 왕자) (Feat.
Yoon Sang)
3. Holding A Star In My Heart (별을 찾는 아이)
(Feat. Kim Gwang Jin)
4. You and I (너랑 나)
5. Wallpaper Pattern (벽지무늬)
6. Uncle (삼촌) (Feat. Lee Juck)
7. Wisdom Tooth (사랑니)
8. Everything's Alright (Feat. Kim Hyun
9. Last Fantasy
10. Teacher (Feat. Ra.D)
11. The Abandoned (길 잃은 강아지)
12. 4AM
12. L'amant (라망)

Release Date: 2011
EditI U (EP)
Good Day (2011-Remaster)
Ko・Go・To (with 2AM Seulong) (2011-Remaster)
Rain Drop (2011-Remaster)
Lost Child (2011-Remaster)
Watashi Dake Shiranai (2011-Remaster) (私だけ知ら
Last Fantasy (2011-Remaster)

Release Date: 2011
EditIU...IM (EP)
1. Love Attack
2. Taking a Train (기차를 타고)
3. Marshmallow
4. Morning Tears (아침 눈물)
5. Heart Beating Date (두근 두근 데이트)
6. Taking a Train (기차를 타고) (Instrumental)
7. Morning Tears (아침 눈물) (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2009
EditGrowing Up (LP)
1. Looking At You (바라보기)
2. Boo
3. Pitiful (가여워)
4. A Dreamer
5. Every Sweet Day
6. Lost Child (미아)
7. Four Without Me (나 말고 넷)
8. You Know (있잖아)
9. Graduation Day (졸업하는 날)
10. Feel So Good
11. Ugly Duckling (미운 오리)
12. Face to Face (After Looking At You) (마주
보기 (바라보기 그 후))
13. Missing Child (미아) (Acoustic Version)
14. You Know (있잖아) (Rock Ver.)
15. Boo (Instrumental)
16. Pitiful (가여워) (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2009
EditLost and Found (EP)
1. Ugly Duckling (미운 오리)
2. Lost Child (미아)
3. You Know (있잖아) (Feat. 마리오)
4. Feel So Good
5. Every Sweet Day
6. Lost Child (미아) (Instrumental)

Release Date: 2008


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