Splattered Entrails

EditDepths of Obscurity (LP)
1. Diminished to Nothing
2. Inexorable Savagery
3. Impending Disarray
4. Decimating Our Will
5. Relentless Intake of Futility
6. Reduced to Carnality
7. Becoming the Crust
8. A Flaw in Sanity
9. The Decay of the Universe
10. Depths of Obscurity
11. Abducted for Public Mortification
12. Deprived
13. Descend into Malice
14. Deranged on Impulse
15. The Weak Willed & Tortured (Bonus track)

Release Date: 11/06/2012
EditEP 2012 (EP)
1. Vanity of Perversion
2. Magnum Rivet
3. Onslaught of Warfare
4. Screams of Distant Terror
5. Arcadia
6. Incessant Torture
7. Subject Delta

Release Date: 01/01/2012
EditNauseate (LP)
1. Rewriting Human Genetics
2. Humans: Deprogrammed
3. Bathyspheric Claustrophobia
4. Parasites
5. Swarm of Virulence
6. Compound 19
7. Buried in Cement
8. Dawn of the Great Plague
9. Reconstructing Nerve Fiber
10. Eliminating the Substructure

Release Date: 2011
EditChoking on the Rot (LP)
1. Touching the Straw to the Liquified Feces and Drawing It into Your Lungs
2. Cuntaminating the Gynacologists Instruments with my Seminal Fluids
3. Performing Open Heart Surgery as a Malpractice on an Orally Aborted Fetus
4. Gulping the Reeking Putrid Rotting Purulence from a Swollen Cadaver
5. Eating 10 Buckets Full of Dried and Solidified Chips of Dog Cum
6. Digesting the Flesh That Was Previously Masticated by a Drooling Retard
7. Containing the Embryonic Fluid and Shaking It Until the Foam Comes Out of the Top
8. Sewing Your Pussy Lips Shut So the Fetus Growing Inside of You Will Die and Decay in Your Uterus
9. Puking Inside of Your Used Colostomy Bag and Feeding It Through Your Grandmother's Intravenous
10. Storing My Excrement Inside of Your Glasses Case
11. Surgical Formation of an Opening from the Urinary Tract to an Isolated Segment of the Ileum
12. Oxidative Decomposition Under Anaerobic Conditions
13. Large Mass of Accumulated Feces in the Rectum Resembling a Tumor
14. Painful Spasm of the Vagina from Contraction of the Muscles Surrounding It
15. Omental Hernia into the Scrotum
16. Suturing of the Vulva and Perineum to Support a Prolapsed Uterus
17. Failure During Embryogenesis of Normal Rotation of Viscera
18. A Malunion of a Fractured Bone Caused by Blunt Force
19. Underdevelopment of a Tissue Organ or Body
20. Excessive Amounts of Nitrogenous Matter Found in Urine
21. Accumulation of Serous Fluid in a Sac-Like Cavity in the Tunica Vaginalis Testis
22. Surgical Procedures to Further Complicate Retinal Displacement
23. Congenital Absence of or Failure to Develop Half of a Vertebra
24. Extracorporeal Fecal Matter Extraction
25. Hemorrhagic Red Pigmentation of the Spinal Fluid
26. Minute Forms Consisting of a Scolex and Three or Four Proglottids
27. Undignified and Painful Death Due to Inadequate Control of Symptons at the End of Life
28. Interfuckingmission
29. Process of Obtaining a Large Amount of Blood from the Fetal Scalp for pH Testing
30. Decomposition of Organic Matter Due to Rise in Temperature and Humidity
31. Abnormal, Painful and Continued Erection of the Penis Caused by Disease
32. The Malformation and Underdevelopment of Body Organs from Embryonic Tissues
33. Severe Gastrointestinal Irritation with Bloody Vomitus
34. Presence in the Blood of an Abnormal Protein That Forms Gels at Low Temperatures
35. The Melting of Body Fat Due to Extreme Extracorporeal Temperatures
36. Failure of the Embryonic Neural Tube to Close During Development Resulting in Cogenital Spina Bifida
37. Ingestion of a Dead Fetus Lying Dormant Under Your Pillow
38. Large Convoluted Mass of Gray Matter in the Lateral Portion of the Cerebellum
39. Submerging the Fetus in Acid Just to Rid It of the Umbilical Cord
40. Poisonous Alkaloid Used to Kill Rodents May Produce Vomiting and Symmetrical Muscle Spasms
41. Uterogastrointestinal Bleeding Caused by an Aluminum Bat Being Slammed into Your Stomach
42. Mastication of Your Scrotum by a Vice Grip

Release Date: 2007
EditFlesh Out of the Oven (LP)
1. Hardened Skin for (Sc)Raping
2. Fetal Scum in a Pot of Boiling Bile & Chyme
3. Drowning in a Tub of Stomach Acid
4. Regurgitated Mastication
5. Prying Its Eyes Out
6. Flesh Overflowing
7. Scooping Your Brains Out of Your Skull
8. Fecal Fallopian Frenzy Fetish
9. G.O.R.E.
10. Extracting Your Intestines Through Your Mouth
11. Given Oxygen to... (Prematurely) (2006)
12. Susceptible Suffocation (Expulsive Incision Cover)
13. Maggots Infest Fetal Territory

Release Date: 2006
EditGrindustrialization (LP)
1. Ill-Breeding
2. Given Oxygen to... (Prematurely)
3. This Room Reeks of Clitoral Fungus
4. The Black Horned God
5. Defecation in an Exhaust Pipe
6. Echoencephalographic Tumors
7. The Death of Diagoras (Expulsive Incision cover)

Release Date: 2006
EditCarnivorous Parasitic Infection (LP)
1. Introilism
2. Feeding Off the Growth
3. Stub Grinder
4. Anal Dissection
5. Disembowling the Minotaur
6. Penetration
7. Injected with Strycnine
8. SCID (Expulsive Incision cover)
9. Stromata
10. Syphilitic Discharge
11. The Cure for Premenstrual Syndrome = Fellation
12. Decommission of a Carcass 00:55
13. Thus Night the Mooncat Stalketh by Darkness With the Moonbay of the 29ers Brought Down 3 Years Ago If Not Cat... The... Ready!

Release Date: 2006


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