Revolting Cocks

EditGot Mixxx? (LP)
1. Trojan Horse (Sell Your Cars Mixxx)
2. Filthy Senoritas (Pay Me Now Mixxx)
3. Dykes (Get a Real Job Mixxx)
4. Juice (Feed Me Support Me Mixxx)
5. Piss Army (Piss Piss Bye Bye Mixxx)
6. Fuck Money (My Latest Envelope Mixxx)
7. Bitch Addictive (Mistress Pinky Mixxx)
8. Air Traffic Control (Where's My Hand Out Mixxx)
9. Poke-A-Hot-Ass (Assholes Are Everywhere Mixxx)
10. Me So Horny (Sin Rehab Mixxx)

Release Date: 2011
EditGot Cock? (LP)
1. Trojan Horse
2. Filthy Senoritas
3. Dykes
4. Juice
5. Piss Army
6. Fuck Money
7. Bitch Addictive
8. Air Traffic Control
9. Poke-a-Hot-Ass
10. Me So Horny
11. Me So Horny [Remix]

Release Date: 2010
EditSex-O Mixxx-O (LP)
1) HookerBot3000 (tweaker mix) [Remixed by Chris Vrenna of Marilyn Manson]
2) Keys To The City (Invincible mix) [Remixed by Crabbi of Vileevils & Pop Will Eat Itself]
3) Red Parrot (Juarez Tunnel mix) [Remixed by MegaJive]
4) Robo Bandidos (A Chilling Effect mix) [Remixed by Doug Firley of Gravity Kills]
5) Cousins (Sexy Problems = Sexy Solutions mix) [Remixed by Clayton Worbeck of Revolting Cocks]
6) Touch Screen (Shower Strangulation mix) [Remixed by Luc Van Acker]
7) I m Not Gay (I m So Gay Club mix) [Remixed by Dave Rave Ogilvie of Skinny Puppy]
8) Abundant Redundancy (Clockworks and Cold Steel mix) [Remixed by Stayte]
9) Lewd Ferrigno (Club On mix) [Remixed by Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist]
10. Wizard of Sextown (Bisected Banshee mix) [Remixed by Seismologist]

Release Date: 2009
EditSex-O Olympic-O (LP)
1. HookerBot3000
2. Keys To The City (Vegas Mix)
3. Red Parrot
4. Robo Banditos
5. Cousins
6. Touch Screen
7. I'm Not Gay
8. Abundant Redundancy
9. Lewd Ferrigno
10. Wizard of Sextown
11. HookerBot3000 (Disco A Go Go Mix)

Release Date: 2009
EditCocktail Mixxx (LP)
1. Fire Engine (Gumby Mixxx)
2. Ten Million Ways to Die (Jammin the Radar Mix)
3. Caliente (Searing Social Problem Mix)
4. Prune Tang (Prune Juice Cocktail Mixx)
5. Dead End Streets (86 Mix)
6. Pole Grinder (It Hurts When I Piss Mix)
7. Jack in the Crack (Crackrock Mix)
8. Devil Cock (Sun Yungguy Mix)
9. Viagra Culture (Fat Juicy Hog Mix)
10. Revolting Cock Au Lait (Le Coq Au Lait Mix)
11. Fire Engine (Stayte of the Nation Mix)

Release Date: 2007
EditCocked and Loaded (LP)
1. Fire Engine
2. Ten Million Ways to Die
3. Caliente (Dark Entries)
4. Prune Tang
5. Dead End Streets
6. Pole Grinder
7. Jack in the Crack
8. Devil Cock
9. Viagra Culture
10. Revolting Cock Au Lait

Release Date: 2006
EditLinger Ficken' Good... and Other Barnyard Oddities (LP)
1. Gila Copter
2. Creep
3. Mr. Lucky
4. Crackin' Up
5. Sergio
6. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
7. The Rockabye
8. Butcher Flower's Woman
9. Dirt
10. Linger Ficken' Good

Release Date: 1993
EditBeers, Steers + Queers (LP)
1. Beers, Steers + Queers
2. (Let's Get) Physical
3. In the Neck
4. Get Down
5. Stainless Steel Providers
6. Can't Sit Still
7. Something Wonderful
8. Razor's Edge
9. (Let's Talk) Physical

Release Date: 1990
EditLive! You Goddamned Son of a Bitch (Live Album)
1. You Goddamned Son of a Bitch
2. Cattle Grind
3. We Shall Cleanse the World
4. 38
5. In the Neck
6. You Often Forget
7. TV Mind
8. Union Carbide
9. Attack Ships on Fire
10. No Devotion

Release Date: 1988
EditBig Sexy Land (LP)
1. 38
2. We Shall Cleanse the World
3. Attack Ships on Fire
4. Big Sexyland
5. Union Carbide [West Virginia Version]
6. TV Mind
7. No Devotion
8. Union Carbide [Bhopal Version]

9. You Often Forget (Malignant)
10. Attack Ships... [12" Version]
11. On Fire [12" Version]
12. No Devotion [12" Version]

Release Date: 1986


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