Lillian Axe

EditOne Night In The Temple (Live Album)
Disc 1:

1. Waters Rising
2. Death Comes Tomorrow
3. Ghost Of Winter
4. See You Someday
5. The Great Divide
6. Nocturnal Symphony
7. Sad Day On Planet Earth
8. Bow Your Head
9. Show A Little Love
10. Misery Loves Company

Disc 2:

1. Crucified
2. The World Stopped Turning
3. Dyin' To Live (Shades Of Blue)
4. Until The End Of The World
5. The Day I Met You
6. The Promised Land
7. Nobody Knows
8. My Apologies
9. True Believer
10. Nobody Knows (Crowd Version)

Release Date: 2014
EditDeep Red Shadows (LP)
1. Under The Same Moon
2. 47 Ways To Die
3. The Quenching Of Human Life
4. A Minute Of Years
5. Nobody Knows
6. The Day I Met You
7. Sad Day on Planet Earth
8. Nocturnal Symphony
9. Deep Red Shadows

Release Date: 2010
EditSad Day on Planet Earth (LP)
1. Cocoon (instrumental)
2. MegaSlowFade
3. Jesus Wept
4. Ignite
5. The Grand Scale of Finality
6. Sad Day on Planet Earth
7. Hibernate
8. Within Your Reach
9. Down Below The Ocean
10. Blood Raining Down on Her Wings
11. Cold Day In Hell
12. Nocturnal Symphony
13. Divine
14. Kill Me Again
15. Fire, Blood, the Earth and Sea

Release Date: 2009
EditWaters Rising (LP)
1.Waters Rising
3.Become a Monster
5.I Have to Die Goodbye
6.Fear of Time
7.Until the End of the World
8.Fields Of Yesterday
10.The 2nd of May
11.Deep in the Black

Release Date: 2007
EditFields of Yesterday (LP)
1.Death Valley Daze
2.Do It
3.Twilight in Hell
4.For Crying Out Loud
5.The Last Time
6.Calm Before The Storm
7.Pulling The Rats Out
8.When It Rains
9.Daddy Long Legs
10.Blood On The Moon
11.Kill Me Again
12.Become A Monster

Release Date: 1999
EditPsychoschizophrenia (LP)
1. Crucified
2. Deepfreeze
3. Moonlight in your Blood
4. Stop the Hate
5. Sign of the Times
6. Needle and Your Pain
7. Those Who Prey
8. Voices In My Walls
9. Now You Know
10. Deep Blue Shadows
11. Day I Met You
12. Psychoschizophrenia
13. Here is Christmas (Japan bonustrack)

Release Date: 1993
EditPoetic Justice (LP)
1. Poetic Justice
2. Innocence
3. True Believer
4. Body Double
5. See You Someday
6. Living In The Grey
7. Digital Dreams
8. Dyin' To Live
9. Mercy
10. The Promised Land
11. No Matter What (Badfinger cover)
12. She's My Salvation
13. A Moment Of Reflection

Release Date: 1992
EditLove + War (LP)
1. All's Fair In Love And War
2. She Likes It On Top
3. Diana
4. Down On You
5. The World Stopped Turning
6. Ghost Of Winter
7. My Number (Girl cover)
8. Show A Little Love"
9. Fool's Paradise
10. Letters In The Rain

Release Date: 1989
EditLillian Axe (LP)
1. Dream of a Lifetime
2. Inside Out
3. Vision in the Night
4. Picture Perfect
5. The More That You Get
6. Misery Loves Company
7. Nobody Knows
8. Hard Luck
9. Waiting in the Dark
10. Laughing in Your Face

Release Date: 1988


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