EditUber Moe~ Loli-RAEP And Grave Desecration (LP)
1. Morbid Loli Schizophrenia
2. Swing Low, Sweet Loli Chariot
3. Escapism & Borderline Personality Disorder
4. Grave Desecration & LSD
5. Beautiful Noise
6. I
7. II
8. III
9. IV
10. V
11. VI
12. VII
13. VIII
14. IX
15. X
16. XI
17. XII
18. XIII
19. XIV
20. XV
21. I Wish I Had a 9 Year Old Sister to
Constantly Fuck
22. Katie Assraced Down the Stairs (And
Blamed it on Cupcakes)
23. Nicole Grew Boobs and I Think That is Rad
24. All of Rinda's Friends Are Really Gay and
25. Bwauhahaha
26. Fuck Staten Island
27. I Wish I Had AIDS
28. Japanese Girls Vomiting is Awesome
29. KVM Thinks Rinda is a Mexican
30. Mike Roth Had a Dream He Had Sex With
David Bowie Because He is a Homo
31. Murdering Christfags
32. Whore
33. Night With Yuki Onna
34. Mizeria Look Like Biker Dykes
35. Crushing Subhuman Feces
36. Sexual Paranoia and Violence (Extended
Dance Version)
37. Slaughter of God (Wervolf cover)
38. Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions

Release Date: 2009


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