The Flaming Lips

EditImagene Peise: Atlas Eets Christmas (Compilation)
A1 Winter Wonderland 3:45
A2 Silver Bells 2:41
A3 Christmas Laughing Waltz (Includung
Jingle Bells) 4:29
A4 Silent Night 3:18
A5 Atlas Eets Chistmas 3:08
B1 Do You Hear What I Hear? 4:01
B2 Have Yourself A Merry Christmas 3:00
B3 White Christmas (Binson Echorec
Sleigh Ride) 3:19
B4 Frosty The Snowman 2:32
B5 Christmas Kindness Song 3:09
B6 The Christmas Song 3:41

Release Date: 2014
EditWith A Little Help From My Fwends (Compilation)
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (featuring My
Morning Jacket, Fever the Ghost & J Mascis)
2. With a Little Help from My Friends (featuring Black Pus &
Autumn Defense)
3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (featuring Miley Cyrus &
4. Getting Better (featuring Dr. Dog, Chuck Inglish & Morgan
5. Fixing a Hole
6. She's Leaving Home (featuring Phantogram, Julianna Barwick
& Spaceface)
7. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! (featuring Maynard James
Keenan, Puscifer &Sunbears!)
8. Within You Without You (featuring Birdflower & Morgan Delt)

9. When I'm Sixty-Four (featuring Def Rain & Pitchwafuzz)
10. Lovely Rita (featuring Tegan and Sara & Stardeath and
White Dwarfs)
11. Good Morning Good Morning (featuring Zorch, Grace Potter
& Treasure Mammal)
12. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) [featuring
Foxygen & Ben Goldwasser]
13. A Day in the Life (featuring Miley Cyrus & New Fumes)

Release Date: 2014
Edit7 Skies H3 (Compilation)
1. 7 Skies H3 (Can't Shut Off My Head)
2. Meepy Morp
3. Battling Voices From Beyond
4. In A Dream
5. Metamorphosis
6. Requiem
7. Meepy Morp (Reprise)
8. Riot In My Brain!!
9. 7 Skies H3 (Main Theme)
10. Can't Let It Go

Release Date: 2014
EditThe Flaming Side of the Moon (Compilation)
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. On The Run
4. Time / Breathe (reprise)
5. The Great Gig In The Sky
6. Money
7. Us And Them
8. Any Colour You Like
9. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Release Date: 2014
EditPeace Sword (EP)
1. Peace Sword ("Open Your Heart")
2. If They Move, Shoot 'Em
3. Is The Black At The End Good
4. Think Like A Machine, Not A Boy
5. Wolf Children
6. Assassin Beetle - The Dream Is Ending

Release Date: 11/29/2013
EditThe Time Has Come to Shoot You Down... (Compilation)
A1 -HOTT MT and Stardeath And White
Dwarfs I Wanna Be Adored
A2 –Flaming Lips, The, Poliça and New
Fumes She Bangs The Drums
A3 –Blobs Descending From Heaven,
HOTT MT and Stardeath And White Dwarfs
A4 –Stardeath And White Dwarfs
Don't Stop
A5 –New Fumes and Def Rain Bye Bye
A6 –Flaming Lips, The and New Fumes
Elizabeth My Dear
B1 –HOTT MT (Song For My)
Sugar Spun Sister
B2 –Stardeath And White Dwarfs and
Flaming Lips, The Made Of Stone
B3 –Peaking Lights Shoot You Down
B4 –Depth And Current, Jonathan Rado
and Flaming Lips, The This Is The One
B5 –New Fumes I Am The
B6 –Spaceface Fools Gold

Release Date: 11/29/2013
EditThe Terror (LP)
1. Look...The Sun Is Rising
2. Be Free, A Way
3. Try To Explain
4. You Lust
5. The Terror
6. You Are Alone
7. Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die
8. Turning Violent
9. Always There...In Our Hearts

Release Date: 04/16/2013
EditPlaying Hide and Seek with the Ghosts of Dawn (Compilation)
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. I Talk to the Wind
3. Epitaph
4. Moonchild
5. The Court of the Crimson King

Release Date: 10/26/2012
EditThe Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends (Compilation)
Side 1:
1. 2012 (featuring Ke$ha and Biz Markie)
2. Ashes In The Air (featuring Bon Iver)
3. Helping The Retarded To Know God
(featuring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic

Side 2:
4. Supermoon Made Me Want To Pee (featuring
Prefuse 73)
5. Children Of The Moon (featuring Tame
6. That Ain't My Trip (featuring Jim James of
My Morning Jacket)
7. You, Man? Human? (featuring Nick Cave)

Side 3:
8. I'm Working At NASA On Acid (featuring
Lightning Bolt)
9. Do It! (featuring Yoko Ono)
10. Is David Bowie Dying? (featuring Neon

Side 4:
11. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
(featuring Erykah Badu)
12. Thunder Drops (featuring New Fumes)
13. I Don't Want You To Die (featuring Chris
Martin of Coldplay)

Release Date: 04/21/2012
Edit24 Hour Song Skull (Compilation)
1. "7 Skies H3"

Release Date: 2011
EditGummy Song Fetus (EP)
1. Enthusiasm For Life Defeats Existential Fear Part 2
2. Steven's Moonbow
3. Squishy Glass

Release Date: 2011
EditThe Soft Bulletin: Live 2011 (Live Album)
1. Race for the Prize
2. A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
3. The Spark That Bled
4. The Spiderbite Song
5. What is the Light?
6. Waitin' For Superman
7. Suddenly Everything Has Changed
8. The Gash
9. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
10. Sleeping on the Roof

Release Date: 2011
EditGummy Song Skull (EP)

Release Date: 2011
EditDark Side of the Moon (Compilation)
1. Speak to Me/Breathe
2. On the Run
3. Time/Breathe Reprise
4. The Great Gig in the Sky
5. Money
6. Us and Them
7. Any Colour You Like
8. Brain Damage
9. Eclipse

Release Date: 2009
EditEmbryonic (LP)
1. Convinced of the Hex
2. The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine
3. Evil
4. Aquarious Sabotage
5. See The Leaves
6. IF
7. Gemini Syringes
8. Your Bats
9. Powerless
10. The Ego’s Last Stand
11. I Can Be A Frog
12. Sagitarrius Silver Announcement
13. Worm Mountain
14. Scorpio Sword
15. The Impulse
16. Silver Trembling Hands
17. Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast
18. Watching The Planets

Release Date: 2009
EditChristmas On Mars (Compilation)
Disc: 1
1. Once Between Hopelessness
2. The Distance Between Mars And Earth Part 1
3. The Horrors Of Isolation
4. In Excelcelsoir Vaginalistic
5. Your Spaceship Comes From Within
6. Suicide And Extraordinary Mistakes
7. The distance Between Mars And Earth Part 2
8. The Secret Of Immortality
9. The Gleaming Armament Of Marching Genitalia
10. The Distress Signals Of Celetial Objects

Disc 2 (DVD)
Christmas On Mars

Release Date: 2008
EditLive At Austin City Limits (EP)
1.Yoshima Battles The Pink Robots Part 1
2, The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
3.Vein Of Stars
4.Do You Realize??

Release Date: 2006
EditAt War With The Mystics (LP)
1. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song... (With All Your Power)
2. Free Radicals (A Hallucination Of The Christmas Skeleton Pleading With A Suicide Bomber)
3. The Sound Of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??
4. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life As Blazing Shield Of Defiance And Optimism As Celestial Spear Of Action)
5. Veins Of Stars
6. The Wizard Turns On... The Giant Silver Flashlight And Puts On His Werewolf Moccasins
7. It Overtakes Me / The Stars Are So Big... I Am So Small... Do I Stand A Chance?
8. Mr. Ambulance Driver
9. Haven't Got A Clue
10. The W.A.N.D.
11. Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung
12. Goin' On

Release Date: 2006
EditEgo Tripping at the Gates of Hell (EP)
1. Assination of the Sun
2. I'm a Fly in a Sunbeam (Following the Funeral
Procession of a Stranger)
3. Sunship Balloons
4. Do You Realize?? [T.P.S. Remix]
5. Ego Tripping (Ego in Acceleration)[Jason Bentley
6. Ego Tripping [Self-Admiration With Blow-Up Mix]
7. A Change at Christmas (Say it Isn't So)

Release Date: 2003
EditFight Test (EP)
01. Fight Test
02. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (KEXP version)
03. The Golden Age (CD101 version)
04. Knives Out (KCRW version)
05. Do You Realize?? (Scott Hardkiss Floating In
Space Vocal Mix)
06. The Strange Design Of Conscience
07. Thank You Jack White (For The Fiber-Optic
Jesus That You Gave Me)

Release Date: 2003
EditThe Day They Shot a Hole In The Jesus Egg (Compilation)
Disk 1 - In a Priest Driven Ambulance

1. Shine On Sweet Jesus (Jesus Song No. 5)
2. Unconsciously Screamin'
3. Rainin' Babies
4. Take Meta Mars
5. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
6. Stand In Line
7. God Walks Among Us Now (Jesus Song No. 6)
8. There You Are
9. Mountain Side
10. Wonderful World (What A)
11. Lucifer Rising
12. Ma, I Didn't Notice
13. Let Me Be It
14. Drug Machine
15. Strychnine: / Peace, Love And

Disk 2 - Priest Driven Ambulance outtakes,

1. Take Me Ta Mars
2. Mountain Side
3. There You Are
4. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
5. Raining Babies
6. Unconsciously Screamin’
7. Stand In Line
8. God’s A Wheeler Dealer
9. Agonizing
10. One Shot
11. Cold Day
12. Jam
13. She’s Gone Mad
14. Golden Hearse
15. Unconsciously Screamin’
16. Stand In Line
17. I Want To Kill My Brother
18. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain

Release Date: 2002
EditYoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (LP)
1. Fight Test
2. One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21
3. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1
4. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 2
5. In the Morning of the Magicians
6. Ego Tripping At the Gates of Hell
7. Are You A Hypnotist??
8. It's Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers)
9. Do You Realize??
10. All We Have Is Now
11. Approaching Pavonis Mons By Balloon (Utopia Planitia)

Release Date: 2002
EditFinally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid (Compilation)
1.Bag Full of Thoughts
2. Out for a Walk
3. Garden of Eyes/Forever Is a Long Time
4. Scratchin' the Door
5. My Own Planet
6. With You
7. Unplugged
8. Trains, Brains & Rain
9. Jesus Shootin' Heroin
10. Just Like Before
11. She Is Death
12. Charlie Manson Blues
13. Man From Pakistan
14. Godzilla Flick
15. Staring at Sound/With You

Release Date: 2002
EditThe Soft Bulletin (LP)
1. Race for the Prize (Remix)
2. Spoonful Weighs a Ton
3. The Spark That Bled
4. The Spiderbite Song
5. Buggin' (Remix)
6. What Is the Light?
7. The Observer
8. Waitin' for a Superman
9. Suddenly Everthing Has Changed
10. The Gash
11. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
12. Sleeping on the Roof
13. Race for the Prize
14. Waitin' for a Superman (Remix)

Release Date: 1999
EditZaireeka (LP)
1. Okay, I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand
2. Riding To Work In the Year 2025 (Your Invisible
3. Thirty-Five Thousand Feet of Despair
4. A Machine In India
5. The Train Runs Over The Camel But Is Derailed By
the Gnat
6. How Will We Know? (Futuristic Crashendos)
7. March Of the Rotten Vegetables
8. Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now

Release Date: 1997
EditClouds Taste Metallic (LP)
1. Abandoned Hospital Ship
2. Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles
3. Placebo Headwound
4. This Here Giraffe
5. Brainville
6. Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World
7. When You Smile
8. Kim's Watermelon Gun
9. They Punctured My Yolk
10. Lightning Strikes the Postman
11. Christmas at the Zoo
12. Evil Will Prevail
13. Bad Days [Aurally Excited Version][Mix]

Release Date: 1995
EditTransmissions From the Satellite Heart (LP)
Turn It On
Pilot Can at the Queer of God
Oh, My Pregnant Head
She Don't Use Jelly
Chewin the Apple of Your Eye
Be My Head
Moth in the Incubator
Plastic Jesus
When Yer Twenty Two
Slow Nerve Action

Release Date: 1993
EditHit To Death In The Future Head (LP)
1. Talkin' Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants To Live Forever)
2. Hit Me Like You Did The First Time
3. The Sun
4. Felt Good To Burn
5. Gingerale Afternoon (The Astrology Of A Saturday)
6. Halloween On The Barbary Coast
7. The Magician Vs. The Headache
8. You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain)
9. Frogs
10. Hold Your Head

Release Date: 1992
EditIn A Priest Driven Ambulance (LP)
1. Shine On Sweet Jesus (Jesus Song No. 5)
2. Unconsciously Screamin'
3. Rainin' Babies
4. Take Meta Mars
5. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
6. Stand In Line
7. God Walks Among Us Now (Jesus Song No. 6)
8. There You Are
9. Mountain Side
10. Wonderful World (What A)
11. Lucifer Rising
12. Ma, I Didn't Notice
13. Let Me Be It
14. Drug Machine
15. Strychnine: / Peace, Love And Understanding

Release Date: 1990
EditTelepathic Surgery (LP)
1. Drug Machine In Heaven
2. Right Now
3. Michael, Time To Wake Up
4. Chrome Plated Suicide
5. Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)
6. Miracle On 42nd Street
7. U.F.O. Story
8. Redneck School Of Technology
9. Shaved Gorilla
10. The Spontaneous Combustion Of John
11. The Last Drop Of Morning Dew
12. Begs And Achin'

Release Date: 1989
EditOh My Gawd...The Flaming Lips (LP)
1.Everythings Explodin
2.One Million Billionth Of A Millesecond On A Sunday Morning
3.Maximum Dream For Evil Knievel
4.Can't Exist
5.Ode To C.C. Pt.1
6.The Celin' Is Bendin
7.Prescription: Love
8.Thanks To You
9.Can't Stop The Spring
10.Ode To C.C. Pt.2
11.Love Yer Brain

Release Date: 1987
EditHear It Is (LP)
1. With You
2. Unplugged
3. Trains, Brains & Rain
4. Jesus Shootin' Heroin
5. Just Like Before
6. She Is Death
7. Charlie Manson Blues
8. Man From Pakistan
9. Godzilla Flick
10. Staring At Sound / With You (reprise)

Release Date: 1986
EditThe Flaming Lips (EP)
1. Bag Full of Thoughts
2. Out for a Walk
3. Garden of Eyes/Forever Is a Long Time
4. Scratching the Door
5. My Own Planet

Release Date: 1984


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